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How to Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship

March 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 214

Many couples find that they are apart for many different reasons. Whether it be career changes, military leave or even meeting online and living in different time zones, being away from the one you love can be tough. Let's face it, relationships are hard enough when you are in the same town as your significant other let alone in the same house. But having to cope with not being able to see the person who you want to spend your time with presents its own challenges.

Spending quality time is just not the same over skype or speaking on the phone as seeing your love face to face and being able to touch them. How can you keep the passion going, make sure the intimacy is still there and make sure they stay interested in you from afar? There are three cool ways you can make sure you stay on someones mind even though there are many miles between the two of you.

1) Send hand written letters - Ah, do you remember those? Good old fashion pen and paper. This is a great way to stay on someones mind and in their heart when you are not physically together. There's something about getting actual mail that is personalized for you and from your favorite person. The emotional connection you can achieve from sending each other handwritten notes or letters can be intoxicating. In this day and age of Facebook, email and twitter accounts, it's nice to take a step back every now and then to do something not so customary in these days.

2) A surprise flirty text message - This is a great way to break the monotony of someone's day. A lot of text messages are sent with general information that really are quick and easy ways to keep them up to date about your day. You know... "so and so came to work late again today" or "such and such cut me off in the parking lot' or "I'm going grocery shopping after work". Those are boring and really disconnect. Instead try a flirty text message like "if I were with you right now I would..." or "I can't stop thinking about how beautiful/handsome you were the last time we saw each other and I can't wait to see you soon". This is the best way to put a smile on someones face when you can't talk to them because of time differences or work hours, etc. Also they are bound e it because everyone reads their text messages.

3) A surprise visit - Now this one can be tricky. Surprise can always cause an issue if one, the person getting surprised doesn't like them or two you actually get surprised by something when you make the trip. But with all things being considered if you choose to surprise your significant other they will cherish that memory forever. I had a girlfriend surprise me when we were dating and she flew in town and I was so excited to see her I was speechless. It was completely unexpected. She's now my wife by the way.

These tips should be used to make sure you stay connected with your favorite person while they are away from you and help keep some of the passion and spark alive until the relationship takes another venture and the two of you can spend physical quality time together and are no longer in a long distance relationship but just a relationship.

Being in love is easy. Staying in love takes work and long distance relationshipadvice is always helpful. Even the strongest couples need help and creative ways to keep the spark going.

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