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3 Tips to Make Long Distance Relationships Easier

October 27, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 131

While the common adage clearly states that distance is good for love, for it makes hearts grow fonder, people who are struggling to make long distance relationships work beg to differ. Distance can be a curse; it can take its toll on even the strongest of relationships. If you have been trying to make long distance work and are exhausted, here are some tips to make your relationship not only easy, but also pretty near perfect.

Communication: No, communication does not mean sending each other pictorial proof of where you are and what you are doing every single minute. When you are so far apart physically, things such as time difference, busy schedules and a weak internet signal may keep you from talking to each other for hours or even days at a time. Whenever you do talk, however, don't only talk but also communicate. Talk about things that bother or upset you and let each other know what's on your mind. Do not hold back and try to keep everything inside, you will eventually become bitter and start being unreasonable. Share your view but also listen to theirs, you don't always have to be right.

Trust: The key to any relationship, as clichéd as it may sound, is trust. Without trust, doubts and insecurities will plague any relationship, slowly rendering it a failure. Put long distance into this mix, and your relationship is bound to come crashing down around you. What you need to do, therefore, is trust each other. Have faith in your significant others' sincerity, and repeatedly remind them that you trust them blindly. Do not concoct wild stories in your head when the other is busy or even unavailable for a while, believe them when they say that there is nothing they would rather do than talk to you, had they got the choice.

Stay involved: This just might be the most important tip of them all. Often, long distance relations end up making one or even both feel left out. If you are making new friends and meeting new people on a daily basis, your partner might feel like they have been left behind. Keep each other involved in your life and routine. Talk about your day, about the people you meet and about anything new that you experience. Tell each other anything and everything, to make up for the fact that you aren't next to each other.

The Family Psychologist specialise in psychological family support, relationship support and cognitive functioning assessments.

If you need to talk to somebody about your long distance relationship they will be able to help:

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