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SEO: Why Build Links?

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 148

In order to understand links and their importance we have to first understand search engines. The main purpose is to answer queries forwarded to them by the users. Now the effort is to reply with the exact answer to the users. The search engines try to fetch the best pages that answer the visitor's queries.

This is what is known as retrieval process executed by the search engine algorithms. Indexing method is a continuous process; the web pages are download and then analyze them using their algorithms. These programs index and rank web pages based in many criteria.

One of the criteria on evaluation of web pages is the links pointing to it.

The search engines derive two major benefits from this method. First benefit is understanding how important the web page is. An important website will have many voters or people who link the site on their own websites or blogs. These links are also known as back links or external links. The second advantage is the anchor text. This is a word or phrase used in creating the link using HTML.

The anchor texts help in analysis of a web page. Analysis of the anchor text helps to make out the topic and rank the web page accurately. Thus the search engines derive two benefits from the external links pointing to a website.

As the importance of linking became known to web masters lots of spamming began to take place. In order to stop the misuse search engines like Google began to accord a value to the back links. Thus the importance and trust of the source is taken into account. Hence external link originating from more authoritative site will have more importance and relevance.

The websites are always ranked on result pages as per the relevance to the query submitted.

Inbound links originating from spam sites or link farms are accorded little value or ignored. One of the criteria that makes and authoritative site is the editorial scrutiny that the publishers use. The tough scrutiny results in better content being published. Thus such sources have a status of authority and trust.

Even with greater relevance to on page contents the back links remain important. Hence for promoting as web site both contents and authoritative linking is important. The search engines are always refining the indexing and ranking process. This done so that quality results are presented to the users.

Uday writes on website optimization company in India hence the article. He also maintains a blog on seo for those in the learning process. Uday writes often on SEO and Internet marketing.

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