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How to Find a Good Limousine Service

March 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

When planning to hire a limousine service, there are many things to consider. The following are tips to help you find an exceptional limousine service that will not disappoint you.


Check the Company's name with the Better Business Bureau ("BBB"). Some limousine services may not be registered with the BBB, simply because of the cost. It is best to avoid the ones listed there as clients have had negative experiences with them.

Ask for references and reviews and be sure to check them.


Before contacting the company, have an idea of the following:

Number of passengers; this will determine the limousine size you require.

All major intersections, from the initial pick up to final drop off.

Time for pick up and drop offs.

If it is a wedding and you are unsure what time the initial pick up should be, ask for suggestions.


Ask the availability for your event/occasion.

Amount of deposit required.

Are they flexible, if changes need to be made?

Be sure to contact the company whenever there are changes to your schedule or locations.

Be sure to ask about their experience in catering to your type of event.


Does the company charge by the hour? Package? At times, price may be an issue; if so, tell them and ask if they will negotiate before you move on to a company that has prices far less than what most charge. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for."

Are HST and driver gratuity included?

Percentage of tip? (Tipping rules: 15% is average, 20% is for great service).

Do they charge extra for long distances?

What is included in the price? (drinks, red carpet, champagne...)

What is the cost for waiting time charges?

What is the cost for each additional hour?

Is there a grace period and how long is it?


Are there discounts for off season or non-Saturday weddings and other occasions?

Is there a discount for booking more than one vehicle?

Is there a discount if you also book vehicle(s) for your stag/stagette?

Condition of Vehicles:

Is the car in good condition?

What guarantee does the company give that their limousines are in good condition?


Experience of chauffeurs.

How will the chauffeur be dressed?


Ask if they have commercial insurance. When limousine services charge $200 - $300 less than other providers for weddings, there is a good possibility they do not have commercial insurance. God forbid anything happens to you or your guests, for you will not be compensated for your injuries.

Ask if they are licensed.

If you trust the company and decide not to view the limousine, they should offer a written guarantee that your limousine will arrive in excellent condition, terms & conditions, interior and exterior photos of your limousine. If it is a wedding, the details of what comes in your wedding package and an itinerary sheet for you to fill out should be provided.

Be sure you have a signed contract stating all of the particulars for your day.

Ask if they have a contingency plan in place in case of a breakdown. Don't believe or trust any limousine service that tells you they have back up limousines in case of a breakdown. Limousines depending on the seating capacity and year, cost $15, 000 - $100,000. No one spends that amount of money to have it parked, waiting for a breakdown.


Confirm your reservation with the transportation company 1 week before your wedding date.

Be wary of limousine services who want to collect full payment before your wedding date.

If you follow the tips provided, you will end up with an excellent limo service that will take care of all of the details and provide peace of mind on your special day.

Mardy W. Dixon


First Glance Limousine Service Ltd.

Phone: (416) 726-4438

Independent reviews at n49 at:

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