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Tips On Installing LED Thirty Puck Lighting

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 226

LED lighting has become very popular in recent years mainly due to their cost saving capabilities. They use less voltage than typical lights and offer much more in terms of actual lighting. For these reasons, people have chosen to have LED lights installed in their homes. The lights can be installed anywhere you desire because they are so versatile in nature. However, they are commonly found in either the kitchen or the bathroom where lighting is one of the key elements of the room. Installing the lights is relatively easy but may require the aid of an electrician.

Installation Made Easy

The first thing to do with the LED lights is to prepare them for installation. It does not matter if you want to do recessed or surface lighting; the preparation is exactly the same, with recessed lighting simply not using the surface ring after the area has been marked. To prepare the your LED thirty puck lights, you must remove the housing of the light by pushing against the light to pop it out of the surface ring. Once this is done, you can begin the process of installation.

Step #1: Mark the Area Where the Lighting will be installed. You can do this by propping the surface ring up on the area where you want the lighting installed and mark where the screws will go. This will allow you to pre-drill the holes so that installing the screws is easy. You also want to mark the spot where you will need to feed the lead wire.

Step #2: Screw the Surface rings to the area in the designated marked spots. Once this is done you can feed the lead wire through the housing, unless you have previously chosen to run the wire with the mounting surfaces and use the cord clips that come with the lights.

Step #3: Press the lights into place. Once the lights have been installed, all that is left to be done is the electrical wiring. The wiring for LED lights is done in the DC format, not the AC so be aware of this difference. If you are using more than three of the puck lights, you will need to purchase a separate power supply - one that is capable of housing more power.

The lights come in several different finishes including nickel, black and white. Because the lights are so versatile, you can add them in any room where you desire brighter lighting.

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