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Advantages Of Installing A LED Bulb In Your Home

June 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 218

In recent years sale of LED bulbs has substantially increased. Not only is the use of LED lighting common in commercial premises but also in domestic ones as well. Just as with conventional light bulbs you will find that there are numerous types of Led light bulb available as well to install into a variety of different light fittings.

Of course you may be wondering just what the benefits of installing such lights in your home is as they tend to cost more than conventional light bulbs do? Below we take a look at just some of the advantages to be had from choosing to install such bulbs in your home in the future.

Advantage 1 - Unlike conventional light bulbs when it comes to the LED type these ones have a much longer operational life span. If you are willing to invest money good Led bulbs you will find that these ones can provide illumination for around 100,000 hours. If you were in fact to let these lights remain on constantly they would last for approximately 11 years before they need to be replaced. Of course most of us don't have lights on in our home constantly so you can expect lights like these to last for around 22 years.

Advantage 2 - Although an LED bulb does cost more to buy initially you are actually saving yourself money over the time it is being used. As well as not having to replace these particular bulbs, as often you will find that they help to keep your electricity bills down. The reasons being that these bulbs don't require as much electricity to power them as conventional incandescent ones do. In fact around 80% of the energy that these bulbs need is converted into light where as when it comes to incandescent light bulbs they only use 20% of it.

Advantage 3 - Another advantage to installing such LED lamps in your home is that they are much safer. As they don't require so much electricity to provide them with energy they don't become as hot as conventional bulbs do. The maximum temperature that these bulbs reach is around 60 degrees centigrade where as conventional light bulbs temperatures can reach anywhere between 49 and 249 degrees centigrade. So should your hands or any other part of your body come into contact with the lights when turned on the risk of you getting injured is far less.

Advantage 4 - As an LED bulb doesn't produce any UV light so they won't cause unwanted damage to things such as pictures or artefacts. If you visit many museums these days you will notice that they have chosen to use such lighting.

Advantage 5 - Finally you will find that when you turn on any lights fitted with LED bulbs they provide more light more quickly. Also the amount of light they actually produce is a lot greater and is able to cover a wider area. So rather than having to fit several lights in one room with this type you may find you only need to fit one.

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