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Can YOU Really Think and Grow Rich?

July 08, 2010 | Comments: 0 | Views: 72

•Your very own DESIRE is the starting point of all of your achievements, it is not a hope nor not a wish, but rather a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything you do.

•When you have a vision of overwhelming desire you should ACT at once; NOT to wait for the right time but rather let that very moment be the right time for your phenomenal success story that is bursting to enter your life.

•As your education and skills expand from within you; you will encounter several moment of struggle; be glad of it's entrance as it's this that will carry the key to your SUCCESS, as a result you will educate yourself by the struggle and separate yourself from the millions that give up their goals at that very point.

•YOU must let it begin its journey into your life as soon as possible before what could be a phenomenon disappears like the drop of a hat.

•YOU must cherish your visions as they hold the key to turning your dreams in to a REALITY. Napoleon says that "They are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."

•You must ACT to defeat any negative thoughts connected to it that may attempt to drive you away from your goal; but rather stay couraged by those moments of struggle, negativity or fear, then carry on working towards that goal with all of your willpower.

Educate yourself and learn the skills required to succeed every single day; and you won't help but blossom. Your sense of fear will be nothing more than a state of mind at that given time, enjoy it and appreciate its presence.

Place a picture of yourself already having what you desire

When you place a picture of yourself being where you want to be, your mind's eye will learn to focus on that and as a result you will be drawn towards it more and more. Use a vision board or mission statement and be specific about where you WILL be, you'll be sure to get there if YOU focus hard enough.

Believe and achieve.

Alison is an Online Marketer and Personal Development coach within the Home Based Business Industry. She holds a certification in NLP and graduated from University with a qualification in Business Studies.

She aims to provide Personal Development as a platform to help people grow and achieve phenomenal levels of success as entrepreneurs, despite any past experiences or subconscious programming.

For more information on how Alison can help you go to []

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