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Can A Graphologist Reveal Everything About The Personality From Handwriting?

April 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Limitations of Graphology

There are certain facts about a person that you cannot tell by analyzing their handwriting.

A person's handwriting does not reveal chronological age. It does reveal mental age (or, level of maturity), which is a very different thing; and with it, the ability of the individual to arrive at his own conclusions and make his own decisions.

A person's handwriting does not reveal sex. Masculine and feminine traits-at least, as defined by society-are found in both men and women. Handwriting only reveals which of these traits are present and/or dominant, but it won't tell you whether the writer is a woman or a man.

It also won't tell you the writer's sexual preference (i.e hetero- or homosexuality, etc.). But it does point out quite vividly the writer's comfort with or guilt feelings about sexual activities.

A person's handwriting does not reveal profession. Analysis does point out talents, abilities, proclivities, and may often suggest the potential for a real skill in specific fields. It also makes clear the kind of work environment in which a particular writer would feel most comfortable. But there is no way to tell from the handwriting what profession the writer chose to follow: and as we know, many people are working at jobs which in no way use or reflect their real capabilities.

A person's handwriting does not reveal race or ethnic origin. The writing styles taught in different school systems produce "intonations" in script which are just as identifiable, for someone trained to recognize them, as accents in speech can be to a trained semanticist. But the kind of person you become depends on your own individual experiences and your own individual reactions to those experiences.

A student of graphology who has chosen to specialize in national or regional writing styles can sometimes tell where you come from by the way you write; or at least where and when you were taught to write. But there is no indicator in script which can tell even the most expert graphologist the color of the hand that's doing the writing.

A person's handwriting does not reveal their future. Because an accurate analysis of someone's handwriting does uncover essential traits, it is possible to draw reasonable conclusions about what that writer is likely to do in any given future situation. But that's as far as it goes: you cannot predict, by analyzing someone's handwriting, what those future situations might turn out to be.

You also cannot uncover a writer's past, so if you're looking for skeletons in someone's closet, graphology is not the key. As you will learn, even someone suffering from massive guilt feelings may not have ever done anything to deserve those feelings. You can project what kind of background the writer must have come from to feel the way he does; given a good enough sample, you may even be able to tell, from his reactions, what kind of confrontations he must have faced in the past. But all you know for certain are the writer's feelings about those events: you won't know, unless he tells you, what those events actually were-or what he actually did about them.

Kathleen is a certified handwriting analysis expert from the International Handwriting Analysis Foundation which offers guidance to all students of graphology worldwide.

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