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Qualities of a Great Leader - Do You Have Them?

June 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

There are so many opinions about what qualities make a good leader, that it would be impossible for anyone to have all those wonderful qualities. A person would have to be perfect. I will present my viewpoint on some simple attributes that are basic to a good leader. Some of the other qualities presented by information of others I have read may appear in the life of a leader from these basic qualities. First, I believe that leaders are not born, but they are encouraged from childhood to be a leader.

These qualities are not in any special order. I will discuss each of them as they come to me. First, I think that leaders must have vision stronger than others have. They must know, but even more important, they must know how much they don't know and take time for research. They must be able to see the entire picture, including the final goal. If there is no envisioned goal, how can we know when we reach it? Long- term and short- term planning must include dedication to spending energy and finances or whatever it takes to reach the ultimate goal. The plan should have steps to show a date when each step should be finished and checked on that date to make sure that it is either finished or to discuss any problems holding up its completion and whether it continues on track to goal.

A good leader will have high integrity which reflects inner values. Integrity includes honesty and fair dealing with others.

A good leader must retain responsibility for anyone and anything under that leadership. Commanders in the military services are held responsible for anything that happens in their unit of command whether it is success or failure. It is the same for leaders in the private sector. It t has been said that responsibility can never be delegated, but authority must be delegated because even leaders with exceptional qualities can't do everything alone or as well as a team. That does not relieve a leader from the responsibility to require periodic written reports from teams or to discuss them with the person given the authority to supervise. When the steps to the goal are discussed, efforts can be redirected if needed.

Listening is a worthwhile quality for a leader who should not fear trying new ideas. The good leader will respect the teams and will expect respect from them. A good leader will focus on what is being said, but knows that the final answer is up to the leader..

A good leader will not fail to recognize successes of individuals and teams and successes will be posted on bulletin boards, by sending commendations by mail and will be included in meeting agendas. Success breeds success and it should always be celebrated.

A good leader must have communication skills in order to articulate the plan that will lead to the envisioned goal and to explain the vision with enthusiasm and persuasion.

Good leaders should know the value of new ideas and problem solutions which can be found in brainstorming. Brainstorming can break a stalemate and start the project moving again and that's another reason for the periodic reports from the supervisors of the teams.

I know that I could continue to make a list of qualities that make a good leader, but that could go on for multiple pages and perhaps put some readers to sleep

When I was a child, there were very few rules in our household, but we received the basic teachings of respect, attention focus, honesty and integrity and we were rewarded for success at school or complimented when we won the approval of our parents. All of those things I was taught were the making of a leader and that's why I believe that leaders are made. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster and Public Speaker. I have writing skills and have written my memoirs. During my career, I took and adjudicated Social Security claims for benefits. I wrote radio scripts and newspaper articles which were distributed all over America. I wrote a column for two or three small weekly newspapers. I held a real estate license in Oklahoma where I was CEO of a Board of REALTORS. After WWII I worked in Germany with my husband during the Army of Occupation and served in an engineering and topographic company helping to repair damage to the infrastructure from the bombing during the war.

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