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Leadership Coaching: The 5 Barriers To Leadership Journey

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 176

Leadership has a vision and a goal and you take your people with you to get there. That is your leadership journey. You plan for the best paths to take or even pave paths to arrive to your destination. But somewhere along the way, you could get lost. You have to find ways to get back on track, by all means. First thing you ought to do is look for the causes. You're likely going to find them as you get to know the 5 barriers to achieving your goals. Once you've found the fundamental barriers, you then break it down and continue on your journey.

5 Personal Barriers To A Leadership Journey

  • You just need to do it. You're not really inspired to do it, but you have to and everything seems to work OK. You don't feel the need to do anything different.
  • Lack of time. Can you still find time to reflect or commit or adjust your leadership skills?
  • Not knowing the significance of cost. Are you aware of the costs and consequences of your decisions and actions? What happens if you do nothing? What is the cost of waiting and what is the cost of making a change?
  • Distrust in your leadership or other people. You may not feel 100% confident about the game plan or you're not very sure if it will really work or if you can make it happen. Is it a lack of belief in your leadership or to someone else?
  • Need for more education. Maybe you need more information to realize your plans or to move ahead in your leadership skills.

Determine which of these barriers are stopping you. Be honest in your assessment. Accept where you are at the moment and decide to do something to move forward.

What is important to you?

You have to work, and maybe you do love your work. But what will make you get out of your work? As you search for the answer, center it on the thought of what makes you truly smile.

Working as a leadership coach, I can respond to that thought by saying that what truly makes me smile is having an impact and adding value to what I do. That is my internal motivator. Bringing something helpful, inspiring and unique to the table gives me fulfillment in doing my job.

If your internal bliss is aligned with your work, it is easier to focus and adjust your business. Identify what drives you personally so you will find what gives you joy.

By the way, do you want to learn more about leadership in your company? If so, download your FREE eBook here: Guide to Elegant Courage Leadership

Jodi and Mike specialize in executive coaching with individuals and teams.

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