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Leadership Coaching: Elegant Leadership Is Genuine

February 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

What Is Genuine?

In your organization, what do you think are the most significant qualities of your leader? Somebody keen, or an astute observer could say: Genuine. Genuine means pure bred, real and candid. Just like 99.99% gold, it's genuine!

A genuine leader is elemental in successful leadership, but most of the time, the idea of such a leader is ignored.

Genuine leadership is more than prowess and intelligence, although these are also essential. A leader should realize and be able to know how to influence, encourage, handle and connect effectively with their people. Learning from the university, business school or other trainings can equip a person with these leadership skills. But leadership learning doesn't stop there. Leadership focuses on a wide range of tasks, responsibilities and issues which are too diverse to discuss in a single writing.

Leadership Based On Experience

What about genuine leaders? These kinds of leaders exhibit these traits but they are not the be all and end all of their leadership effort. Their skills and expertise as leaders make them go the extra mile. They endeavor to fulfill their leadership role with mastery, obtaining prudence and judiciousness from their personal experiences and clarity of core values. Genuine leaders are multi- faceted and flexible when it comes to dealing with different kinds of people. Such leaders lead extraordinarily. They tend to rise beyond the common, working with their hearts more than technicalities. They are committed to their goals and purpose.

Mastery In Elegant Leadership

Genuine leaders are masters of the situation because they already know how to navigate its terrain. They are confident but humble when directing subordinates in order to boost and forward the organization. They know how to adapt and cope with unfamiliar circumstances, especially change. Despite the variance of situations, and even conflict, they stay true to themselves, and this is the anchor that gives them strength and stability. They are not afraid to show who and what they really are.

Genuine leaders are elegant leaders who recognize the significance of what they do. They know why they are working and what the purpose of their effort is. Elegant leaders are clear about their conviction and are determined. They know the rhythms of the trend and adjust. Knowing when to slow down, speed up and move forward or stop. Elegant leadership knows its goals and purpose and it endeavors to realize them to make the organization successful. An elegant leader knows when to wait and when to do. Elegant leaders are masters of time.

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Jodi and Mike specialize in executive coaching with individuals and teams.

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