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5 Reasons Any Employee Can Lead

March 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 80

Did you know that every employee already has everything needed to step out and lead? I define leading as influencing an outcome. If you can influence, you can lead. Influence, in any situation, comes as a result of our behavior. How we react, or not, influences. How we communicate, or not, influences. Can you think of any scenario where an action, or the lack of action, did not influence the outcome?

Think of it this way. You are at work and find yourself party to a group conversation where two people are frustrated with each other. If you decide to add to the conversation, you change the course of the communication. If you decide to remain silent, your inaction also plays a part. Whatever your energy, it influences the situation.

On the negative side of this scenario, your comments may add to the frustration for one or the other. Equally disappointing to them might be your silence. On the positive side, your thoughtful response might offer one or the other a different perspective that slows them down or changes their choice of words.

Have you ever noticed the face of a struggling adult when a child says, "it's okay." That child's comments, wise despite their few years on this earth, strongly impacts the adult. That's influential.

As manager or business leader, you can encourage your employees in their personal journey of leading by sharing the points below with them on a regular basis. To help your articulation, the points are written to speak directly to the employee. You might share them by email, blogging, hand written note or, most effective, one-to-one conversation.

1. Leading does not require a position of authority. Realize that you can lead from right from where you are today. Don't underestimate your power to influence a situation because you do not carry a title. Rose Parks decided to board a bus and sit where she chose, not where she was told, and changed the course of history. That's leading.

2. Leading does not require a sophisticated voice. England's King George VI suffered a stammar that left him intensely uncomfortable speaking in front of others. The recent movie, The King's Speech, revealed that with the help of, linguist Lionel Logue, he was able to deliver public comments but he was never a polished orator. And he led the country into and through World War II.

3. Leading does not require money. Perhaps one of the greatest examples of leadership is Mother Theresa, who dilberately chose a lifetime of poverty and influenced generations around the world. Strong, powerful leadership that continues to influence far beyond her death.

4. Leading does not require an education. There are so many examples here that you can do an internet search and find a list of a 100 famously successful people who never finished college. Topping the list is John D. Rockefeller, Sr. who never finished high school. Safe to say most consider Rockefeller as highly influential. (source online

5. Leading does not require being an extravert. Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors in the 1960's, performed with his back to the crowd. We can debate what value Morrison's leadership offered, but the point here is that he had a big influence on his fans without even showing his face to the audience.

Don't hesitate to encourage your employees to lead, any time - all the time.

Barb Dusek is founder of CorSpective where the mission is to see organizations benefit because people enjoy their workplace experience.

Barb blends her years of corporate management experience and HR with her Master's degree in counseling psychology, to provide rich learning experiences that both challenge and encourage people to maximize their potential. Find Barb's professional profile at LinkedIn under Barb Dusek

With genuince concern for the individual, Barb uses her expertise through speaking, coaching, and workshops to make enjoying work a reality for every employee, manager, business leader. To learn more creating a workforce who enjoys coming to work, check out CorSpective at

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