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Study Spanish Abroad - Is Spain a Good Choice?

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

When someone decides to go abroad to study Spanish, the first decision they have to take is which country to go to. Many students choose Spain, for many different reasons. And they choose Spain because it has a claim to being the country where Spanish originated and where it is still spoken in its purest form. Learning Spanish in Spain just seems the logical thing to do.

But there are many more reasons for choosing Spain for your Spanish course abroad. It's a safe, developed country; it has one of the biggest tourist industries in the world; the weather is generally good; the food's delicious; the scenery's stunning; the cities are beautiful; the beaches are world-famous; the people are friendly, outgoing and party-loving; Spanish teachers are highly educated and professionally trained; it's home to Real Madrid and Barcelona; the golf courses are some of the best in the world...

We could come up with more arguments, but if we haven't convinced you already, it's going to be tough! Basically, anyone who has decided to study Spanish abroad should seriously consider Spain. Taking into account everything we've said so far, your doubt should be not why to follow a course in Spain, but why NOT to.

But we can foresee a few situations (though not many) where Spain would not necessarily be the best choice for you. Maybe the type of Spanish you come most into contact with is that spoken in a country other than Spain, for example Mexico, Argentina or the Dominican Republic. Spaniards and Latin Americans can understand each other, in the same way as Americans and Brits understand each other, but, just like American and British English, there are different accents and different words. So, if you usually deal with Argentineans, for instance, then you're better off taking a course in Buenos Aires than in Madrid.

Another valid reason for choosing a country other than Spain is if you've always wanted to visit another country - or if you've just taken a liking to it. We can understand people who really want to visit Costa Rica, or a particular part of Mexico, or go windsurfing in the Dominican Republic...

However, all in all, if this is not your case, you should seriously consider Spain, even if it means traveling a little further. And you'll find there's no lack of great locations to choose from - see you soon!

Terry Roberts is a bi-lingual (English-Spanish) language teacher with ample experience in all types of courses and locations currently resident in Madrid, Spain. To see the Spanish schools he recommends in Spain, visit the following webpage:

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