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How To Learn French And Speak Fluently Like A Native

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 129

English is a Germanic language, while French is a Latin language. Despite this, English speakers might find it easier to learn French than to master other languages, such as Korean. Both England and France had a lot of influence over each other throughout the years. One of the first steps when determining how to learn French is to learn the major differences between French and English.

Accents are one thing found on French words that are not found on most English words. Accents can change how a word is pronounced. French conjugations are different for each grammatical person, while they are different for third person singular in English.

Another thing that English speakers might find strange is that all nouns and most pronouns have a gender. Many adjectives, nouns, verbs and articles have different forms depending on the gender of the noun. English speakers might also have a hard time remembering how silent consonants at the end of words are pronounced at the beginning of the next word.

In the early stages, French students should learn basic French vocabulary and learn the differences between French and English grammar. Doing so will lay the groundwork for the student's education. The good news is that there are many words that are shared between English and French. There are also many words that are similar to English, but not identical. However, English-speaking students should be careful, since many words might sound like an English equivalent, but mean something completely different.

As students become more comfortable with learning how to write and speak French, they should try to get into a conversation with someone about French. Two English-speaking students can practice French together. However, if either student makes a mistake, they might not notice the mistake. For this reason, students are better off either taking a class and receiving assistance from a qualified instructor or having conversations with native French speakers.

Those who wish to become fluent in French will eventually want to find an opportunity to have conversations with native French speakers. Only a native speaker would be able to determine if a non-native French speaker is pronouncing French correctly. Students also can develop more confidence when speaking to native French speakers, since they will then know for sure that they are using French correctly.

The best way to practice French is to spend a lot of time in a country that predominantly speaks French, a technique known as immersion. Those who are immersed in a culture will be forced to develop competency as a French speaker. Those immersed in a French culture should make sure to consume anything they can in French. They should not visit English language websites and should spend most of their time speaking to French speakers in their native language. Non-native French speakers should also practice thinking in French. For example, when creating a list of things to do, the non-native speaker should think about the things that must be completed while using the French words.

Not everyone can visit a French-speaking country. Fortunately, there are many online services that will teach people how to learn French by setting them up with a language exchange. Language exchange services have students take turns speaking their native language and the foreign language that they wish to learn. This can be done face-to-face or online.

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