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Fall & Landscape

November 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 221

y7 Usually upcoming fall brings gardens and yards full of bright colors in various shades of golden yellow. Just with small-small changes, you can guarantee a much healthier lawn in the coming year. You can hire a landscaper to guide you in preparing your lawn for a healthy lawn in spring.

All you need is to take care of your yard by taking some steps. Starting from leaves, you need to collect the leaves regularly, which is one thing that is easily available during the fall. Next step is to rake the lawn regularly. This indeed is important to prevent any growth of fungi and mold. The collected leaves can be turned into a compost pile but be sure to turn it over once every now and then. Aerating your lawn is a way to make sure that plat roots are able to breathe keeping them healthy to flower in spring.

Mow the lawn so that you have shorter turf for two important reasons – shorter grass make it difficult for disease or blown away leaves to latch on and prevent any type of rotting. Removing annuals is another thing that needs to be done for healthier beds in the coming spring. Fall is a good time to cut down on perennials. You also need to sparse the flowerbeds by removing over grown plants and make room for planting in spring.

Another advantage of fall is that you can plant new shrubs. The weather conditions in fall give your young shrubs just the right opportunity to thrive. For your knowledge, planting shrubs in the fall gives them sufficient time to set up roots in the still warm soil just before winter. Taking these steps, you can ensure to have a better and healthier yard in the coming spring while you take pleasure in the changing leaves color and cooler weather during fall.

It is mostly possible that you have a sprinkler installed in your backyard. Here are some useful steps that you should take to prevent any damaging effect of freezing winter months. The fact that standing water can easily freeze and crack tubing of drip-irrigation so it will be always advisable to shut off the water off, detach the tap-joint adapter, and put in an air hose so that the system on the whole attaches to the tap. By blowing the water out prevents uprooting the entire system later.

In short, you need to, with the help of core aerator aerate the ground that loosens after resuming of rains. Then you need to fertilize and seed while spreading weed and feed. You can also spot spray with lime juice or vinegar. Start raking the leave. After a gap of six to eight weeks fertilize and mow the lawn just two inch high after a few frosts.

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