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Choosing The Best Lawn Tractor or Ride On Mower for Your Needs

April 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

If the thought of using a walk behind mower in a large garden is too much for you then you should seriously consider getting a lawn tractor. Not only will a lawn tractor enable you to cut your large lawn, it will also come in useful to transporting materials around your garden with the help of various attachments, such as a trailer) that you can get for garden tractors these days.

Some garden tractors also can be used for snow blowing in the winter with a compatible snow blowing attachment. If you are likely to be needing to haul or blow snow in addition to simply mowing your lawn then you need to understand the difference in capabilities between a lawn tractor and a ride on mower. To the untrained eye a ride on mower can look very similar to a lawn or garden tractor - however the ride on really is limited to only cutting grass. This of course is fine if that is the only functionality that you need now or are likely to require in the future. Ride on mowers are less expensive so if you can define the functionality you require ahead of making a purchase you could stand to save a lot of money if you can narrow your requirement down to only requiring grass cutting capability. Just because you are likely to make a saving on buying a ride on mower over a lawn tractor is not to say that ride on mowers are not highly capable at cutting grass. Many allow you to set the cutting deck at a variety of heights so that you can account for the terrain you have to cut over. However if you are wanting enhanced functionality as described above then you need to budget for a lawn tractor. Which tractor is best for you however does depend on a number of factors.

The primary considerations in respect which model of tractor to go for is the size of lawn that you will be needing to cut and the terrain over which you have to cut. This will determine the size of engine that you require. It is fairly obvious that if you have a large lawn that has rough terrain then you will need a higher powered lawn tractor than if you only had a smaller lawn on flat land.

Generally people consider that a lawn of half an acre to an acre in size will require a mower with at least a 14 horse power engine whereas at three acres and above on rough terrain an engine of around 24 horse power is recommended.

Although you need to be very careful and safety conscious when using all types of garden tractors, naturally the higher power mowers require particular care and attention to be exercised when they are being used. If you are using a high power mower on rough terrain it is very easy to tip it over. Therefore you will need to use the gears on the lawn tractor to distribute the power appropriately.

With planning and careful scoping of your requirements it is quite easy to choose the best lawn tractor for your needs. Doing some good research backed up with your knowledge of the size of garden you have, whether you would want to use the lawn tractor for additional tasks like snowblowing which would require the tractor to have a snowblower attachment, you can make some sensible, informed purchasing decisions. This methodical approach should not stop upon your purchase however. Because of the risks associated with using high powered garden machinery it is wise to exercise caution at all times and be sure to only use these machines when no other humans or pets are in the vicinity. If you follow these basic guidelines then you will surely purchase the best lawn tractor for your needs and stay safe while using it.

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