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Top Reasons to Buy a PVC Table Cloth Rather Than a Fabric One

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 250

Fabric and plastic table cloths are both very common items in society today. Whilst both can look great, plastic cloths are rapidly overtaking their plain fabric counterparts in the popularity stakes due to a combination of factors, as outlined below.


A traditional fabric cloth may look nice, but that is as far as it goes. It provides no protection for the table below as spillages can simply seep through the fabric and damage the surface underneath, causing stains or causing wood to warp, for example. The table cloth itself may also face the same fate, with many stains such as wine or tomato sauce proving to be permanent despite multiple washes.

A plastic cloth on the other hand is coated with a clear, impermeable layer of vinyl which is one hundred percent waterproof, meaning that not one single drop of liquid will get through to damage the table below. The vast majority of spillages will also not leave a mark. Particularly strongly coloured drinks or foods may leave a stain but this will only be on the plastic cloth itself and not the table below, which I am sure you will agree is a much cheaper item to replace if needed.

Easy to Clean

Thanks again to that special vinyl coating, PVC is also much easier to clean, as liquids simply sit on the surface rather than permeating deep into the fabric. It just takes a quick and easy wipe with a damp cloth to remove any spills, rather than a fabric cloth that would actually need to be put in the washing machine. This makes plastic table cloths the perfect choice for busy mothers and housewives who do not want to spend time regularly washing and changing their dining room table cloth.

Long Lasting

The vinyl coating on PVC not only makes it waterproof but also adds durability and sturdiness to the fabric, making it harder to damage so that it stays looking great for longer. It is extremely hard to tear a plastic table cloth and even if you are using it as a waterproof play mat for children to do crafts on, it will be even more difficult to cut it with scissors too. Plastic table cloths typically cost less than their non plastic counterparts, yet last much longer making them much more cost efficient in the long run.


Plastic table cloths are now so popular that they are manufactured in large quantities, reducing production costs which also reduces their sale price. Unlike fabric table covers that need to be hemmed and finished around the edges, a PVC cloth can simply be cut from a large roll and will not fray. This means that retailers can buy one large roll and cut pieces off individually for each order, keeping their costs down and passing this saving onto their customers.

Many Designs

Thanks to developments in laser printing, plastic table cloths can now be printed with very high quality designs that are sharp and clear no matter how intricate they are. Of course, simpler designs are also available right down to plain block colours. So, whether you want dots, stripes, stars, flowers or even a realistic underwater scene, your perfect plastic table cloth is out there somewhere just waiting to be bought.


Last but not least, plastic cloths also come with the added advantage of being much more hygienic than traditional ones. Food and drink do not penetrate into the fabric so bacteria are not given a chance to breed. A spill on a fabric cloth however is another matter, as this must be put into the washing machine or germs will multiply within the fabric, leading to unsanitary dining conditions.

To summarise, cloths are cheaper, more hygienic, longer lasting and easier to clean. You can buy a plastic table cloth in almost any design you can think of, so bearing all of these factors in mind it would seem silly to opt for a fabric version unless you particularly like spending money and washing them regularly. A PVC table cloth is clearly the way to go for a clean, healthy, beautiful dining room.

Iain Jenkins writes articles for Wipe Easy Table Cloths, a leading supplier of a wide range of waterproof plastic table cloths perfect for everyday use. If you are looking for a plastic table cloth, why not try a durable 100 percent PVC table cloth from Wipe Easy, perfect for protecting your dining room table from daily use. Whether you are looking for something bright or subtle, plastic or vinyl, Wipe Easy are sure to have what you need.

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