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Why You Should Get Your Child Involved In A Sport

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162

Reason 1: Sports will increase their sociability and they'll gain lifelong friends.

Your child will have practice with the same group of children for a whole season of sports. They will have to compete with each other to push themselves to work harder and become better. This will cause them to gain some lasting friendships because of the common interests and time spent together. There's also something to be said for someone being on a "team". As humans, we thrive on on a pack mentality, so having a sports team will cause them to increase that sociability between other kids or adults.

Reason 2: They will want to be physically active/ develop physically active habits.

With the childhood obesity rate through the roof, parents are trying to find a way to instill proper eating and physical habits without forcing their kids to do so. Sports is the perfect answer to this. Most sports will be outside and even the ones that aren't outside will still be just as physically demanding. The more that they come to like whatever sport they're playing they'll want to practice it more and more, even when they're at home. These physically active habits will cause your child to be more open to other physical activity as well. As far as nutrition is concerned, that is up to you parent, when they're home from practice they'll eat just about anything. That's when you have to instill the proper meals/snacks/drinks to give them.

Reason 3: The chance for higher education is more likely.

When enrolling your child into a sport there is countless perks but one of the most subtle things you can do by getting them started is increasing their potential for education. Schools will require a minimum grade point average in order to participate in school sponsored sports. This will cause your child to work harder in school just to participate in the sport they love. There is a reason for this requirement of high grades. The higher your child's grade point average will be the more likely they will get into good colleges. The other upside is that if your child is good enough at that sport then they have a chance of getting a scholarship at that college. From there the sky is really the limit. Even if they don't become a professional at that sport, they will have attained an excellent education and the chance at an amazing career.

In the Richmond, Virginia area there are many facilities that offer that guidance such as Total Victory MMA & Crossfit, where you can join ongoing classes or even get one-on-one personalized training, to achieve a better fitness level and better quality of life.

David M. Womack Coach Womack's Martial Arts Background: Coach Womack currently teaches & trains at Total Victory MMA & CrossFit - Home of the 30 Day FREE Trial! 9562 Woodman Rd. Richmond, VA 23228 804-433-3572

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