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The Best Water Safety Tips for Pool Owners With Children

April 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 199

Pool owners, parents and families can increase water safety this summer by adopting some simple, potentially lifesaving water safety precautions.No one really thinks about something terrible happening in/around their pool, until it does.Practicing as many proven water safety steps is the best way to keep those you love and those around your pool safe.

The Basics

  1. Have a telephone close by and make sure it has current emergency numbers posted on or around it.
  2. If you have a pool and your own or a neighbors' child is missing, look there first.
  3. Never leave children unattended in the water.Never leave children unattended when playing BY the water.
  4. Make sure first aid and lifesaving equipment is nearby and accessible at all times.
  5. Make sure everyone visiting your pool area is aware of the rules regarding the pool area and that adults are shown where lifesaving equipment can be found.
  6. Make sure your pool fencing and all drain covers conform to current regulations and guidelines.
  7. Make sure to remove all outdoor furniture etc from around the pool fencing, to assure there is no easy way for a child to climb over.
  8. Always remove steps from above ground pools when not in use.
  9. Any child aged three and under, regardless of how well they can swim should wear a life jacket or pfd (personal flotation device)

Go beyond the basics.You can never be 'too safe' when it comes to water and children.Learning to perform CPR on both children and adults is something anyone with a pool should do simply as a matter of course, be sure to keep those skills updated regularly.If your pool area also includes a spa, make sure to include a lockable cover as part of your safety precautions.Whether the law in your area requires it or not, be sure to install a self closing, self latching gate on your pool fence.If your pool is bordered on three sides by a fence and the fourth said is your home, make sure you install door alarms and always use them!Additionally, adding window alarms on windows facing the pool makes sense.

If you have very young children and are concerned about water safety during vacations, last line of defense products exist to alert you to potentially life threatening situations.A personal immersion alarm that your child wears around their wrist can alert you if they come into contact with water.

Remember, although locking up and being proactive about water safety is effective, nothing is a substitute for supervision!Following simple, common sense water safety can save your child or someone else's life.

Find all your door and window alarm and monitor needs online at Absolute Automation Inc.!

Renee Laurin

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