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General Information About Top CBSE Schools

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 167

Hyderabad is a well-developed city of India, as well as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. This city occupies an important place in the country and is famous for a whole lot of reasons. Apart from being famous for its high population, rich historical background, architecture, culture and a hot tourist spot, it is also known for high quality education offered by its educational institutes. Those parents, who strive hard to give good quality education to their children, idealize this city. Not only can one find decades old universities and colleges around here, but this city is also the home to a lot of famous and well-known schools. With the educational awareness rising amongst everyone, more and more parents want to enroll their children in the top schools in Hyderabad. A person's whole personality and mental capability starts developing at school level and hence to create an educated generation, schools play a pivotal role.

The list of all the top schools in Hyderabad will be quite long, because almost every school at the moment is striving hard to attain high educational standards. The competition among them is intense and none of them wants to be left behind. A few of the top schools in Hyderabad are given below.

Harvard/ Howard Public School: Placing a school at the very top in a list of top schools in Hyderabad is a difficult task. However, this school has justly earned the first place through its continuous dedication to high quality and high standard education. It has been decades, since it was established, but its standards have not wavered. It was formed as a co-educational institute and is affiliated to the educational board of CBSE. Although this institute has secured the first place in our list through its dedication to academics, it also offers various other facilities to its students which cannot be ignored. Amongst these facilities, the most popular ones are the labs, sports, library and transportation. The institute also emphasizes on developing the non academic skills of children by offering them classes in art, music and dance, and also by coaching them in various games.

Another popular school for its educational standards and also for achieving success in a few years is Oakridge International School. Their struggle to attain higher standards proved fruitful and allowed them to expand till class 12th within a relatively short time period. It was established in 2001 and at the moment it also offers accommodation facilities to the students, who come from abroad to study in this prestigious institute.

The above schools were offering a complete education till class 12th. However, the third school on our list is formed to facilitate the mental and physical development of young kids till the age of 12. This school is known as Pragnya Montessori School, which offers a learning environment for preschool and elementary school level children. A child can get enrolled in this institution, when he or she is 30 months old. These were just three institutions which can be included in the category of top schools in Hyderabad. There are other institutions as well which are competing with those mentioned above on the same level. Such schools are affiliated with not just Indian Boards, but also with various International Boards. A few of these top schools in Hyderabad are; Elton Temple Convent School, Euro Kids, Johnson Grammar School and Holy Mother High School.

Top Schools International schools are the schools that aim at promoting education that is of international standards. There are many ways of promoting and establishing international standard of education. Click here for the best Best Schools.

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