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Cursive Handwriting In Schools: Is the Writing On the Wall?

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 149

Forty one states so far have adopted the Common Core State Standards for English, which does not require students to learn cursive. Some states have since returned cursive to their curriculum. The argument against cursive handwriting is that it is time-consuming and not nearly as beneficial as learning keyboarding skills that students will need while moving on to high school.

Let's look into the importance of cursive a little further. Cursive handwriting is viewed by some educators and parents alike as an essential part of education. Young children and teens today are using technologies not available to generations past. Many parents feel that learning cursive is improving their children's fine motor skills and science is backing up that theory.

There are definite links between learning to write and the visual recognition of learning letters. Studies show that people who have learned letters by hand rather than by a keyboard, consistently scored better on recognition tests. As an added plus, brain scans of those who learned letters by hand showed greater activity in the part of the brain that controls language comprehension, speech associated gestures, and motor-related processes. Learning cursive handwriting fosters hand-eye coordination that helps develop the brain as does learning to read cursive. It is a win, win situation which is very beneficial to all children.

This isn't the first time in history where it is assumed that handwriting will soon go the way of the dinosaurs. When the typewriter was introduced, many believed that people would not hand write anymore. We must emphasize the importance of handwriting as many of our historical documents are written in cursive. The beautifully written Declaration of Independence included. If children are not taught cursive handwriting, they will not be able to read these documents let alone letters left to them from another generation. Never before has this country produced college bound students who can neither write nor read cursive. It is a slowly dying art form that we must not let go of.

You may be surprised to learn that your child's school is no longer teaching cursive handwriting. Cursive used to be taught from kindergarten through the third grade but the time allotted to the longhand style of writing has been downgraded severely. Schools have been more geared to studying the core subjects that are heavily emphasized in the state standardized tests.

If you find out that your child is not learning or spending any significant time in class learning cursive, then take it upon yourself to make a difference. Ten to fifteen minutes a day should suffice. You can easily make a game out of it by having your child write the names of some of their favorite things. Have them write in cursive the names of family members, their favorite foods or toys or even the names of each state in the United States in cursive handwriting.

And now I'd like to invite you to join my friends and I at to get your free Handwriting Booklet for kids.

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