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Best Time to E-Mail Resume

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 204

What Time Should You E-Mail Your Resume

We live in a day and age where checking e-mail can be done with a press of a button. We carry around these handheld computers with information at our fingertips. This can be seen as a bad thing or a good thing. Timing is everything!!! The hiring manager can easily check their inbox and look at your resume, but more importantly-Will They Take Action? That is what you ultimately what you want, right? For them to forward it to the correct department, mark it as important, or printing it.

The answer is not as simple as you think, but hopefully these tips will filter out some of the bad choices.

1. Who is going to view your resume? Furthermore, when will they take action? We've all been there, pulling all nighters hitting,, and blindly sending our resume. Not only are you wasting your time, but chances are your e-mail if and when opened will be in the middle of the inbox. Think about it..when they open their e-mail client say at 9:15 am, yours will be clumped with others lost in the endless abyss of junk/competitor emails.


a. Time Zones-Depending if you are e-mailing the ACTUAL office or their main headquarters who will later forward it to the correct location b. Location-Similar to the time zone variable, how do most of this demographic get to work? If a lot of them drive, chances are they wont check AND take action on your e-mail. c. Company Profile-Look at the average age of employee- this will clue you in to how they check their e-mails, if they drive or take public transit, where they find potential applicants, etc.

Let's Do Better

1. Before 9AM--The average American gets to work at 9am, so anything prior to that is a gamble. However, if you are sending it to a metropolitan area with public transit, assuming the hiring manager also takes public transportation sending it around 8am might pay off. Personally, when I'm on the train, I look at my email and Facebook. But, will they take the proper course of action of doing anything with it?Also, some don't like to do anything work-related prior getting into the office, so this time frame is a gamble.

2. Around 9AM-- If you think about when you first got into the office, the first thing I did was get my coffee and started on my e-mail. This would be one of my time slots I send my e-mail.

3. Lunch Time--This is a tricky time because people are usually not busy, but will they be enticed to open work-related e-mails?

4. After Lunch--During this time slot, people tend to think about their commute, what to cook for dinner, and other non work related obligations they may have post work. However, this time slot has the least amount of gamble to it.

Summary In my opinion, I like the around 9am and after lunch time slots in order to get my resume read. These are not definitive answers due to the variables that are present, but in my experience I feel these are the best given the circumstances.

If you enjoy this article, please check out my blog at for more tips.

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