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Tips on Wise Selection of Loose Diamonds for Custom Engagement Rings

June 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

Shopping for an engagement ring can be somewhat overwhelming, but, of course, you're dedicated to finding that absolutely perfect ring; the one she'll adore for an entire lifetime. How about designing your own ring? It's easier than you might think, and here are some tips on wise selection of loose diamonds to get the process started.

First of all, it's not a good idea to begin your search for loose diamonds blindly. Before you begin your shopping, put a little thought into what you want your ring to look like in the end. This simple preparation exercise will help you narrow down the diamonds you are interested in by shape, which leaves the following factors to be considered in your evaluation of stones for your diamond solitaire.

Cut, Carat Weight, Clarity & Color

Also referred to as The Four C's, the characteristics of cut, carat weight, clarity and color are the primary determining factors in both a diamond's brilliance and its value. Here's a brief rundown of just what these terms mean with regard to a diamond's beauty, as well as their predominant effects on the pricing scale of certified loose diamonds.

Cut refers to more than just a diamond's primary shape. As far as the reflective, fiery qualities of loose diamonds are concerned, cut is one of the most important aspects, and refers primarily to the precision with which a diamond is angled and faceted. A cut of "excellent" or above is recommended, especially for diamonds of any significant size as would be intended for solitaire engagement rings or diamond stud earrings.

Carat weight is probably the most well understood of The Four C's, and is fairly self-explanatory. A diamond's mass is measured in carats, and so carat weight refers strictly to a diamond's size. However, with a little knowledge of the "other" three C's, you can effectively maximize the appearance of size to save some money. It's a diamond's brilliance and inner "fire" that makes it such a sought after gem in the first place. This is a much more important factor, in most cases, than a diamond's size.

Clarity is the clearness of the stone, or its absence of flaws. Most loose diamonds - especially larger stones - contain some internal flaws, but, very rarely do these inclusions affect a diamond's appearance to the naked eye. This is an extremely important consideration, as you will see when you first compare the pricing of certified diamonds classified as "flawless" against those containing slight or even very-slight inclusions.

Last but not least is the characteristic of color. Like its partner quality of clarity, there is some wiggle room in the selection of a color grading. A slightly lesser grade of loose diamonds i.e. "near colorless," can cost a great deal less, without sacrificing anything at all in the area of overall beauty.

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