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Diamond Mangalsutra - A Trendy Touch to Indian Tradition

June 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 334

Mangalsutras form a very important part of any Hindu marriage performed according to Vedic rites. It not only symbolizes the uniting of two souls in the union of marriage, it is also a symbol of her husband for a lady. The black beads that form a major part of the Mangalsutra are considered auspicious and are believed to ward off any evil intentions. Usually women wear it till their husband's death. A married woman even wears it to her funeral pyre.

Traditionally a Mangalsutra is made of a string of black beads with a pendant. Most typically it has two of such strings and is interspersed with gold or silver beads. With changing times, the value of Mangalsutra has not changed, but has affected its looks a lot. Young women are more inclined towards trendy mangalsutras and look for out of the box designs. With a craze for designer mangalsutras, a good number of new and trendy deigns have come up. With the concept of 'Diamond are Forever' the gold pendant in a Mangalsutra has fast been replaced by a diamond pendant. Most designers are now promoting diamond Mangalsutras.

Women typically love diamonds, and a diamond Mangalsutra is a perfect combination of tradition and style. It goes well with almost all kinds of dresses too. A light diamond pendant with a thin chain of black beads goes very well with any kind of attire. It not only compliments Indian attires like a saree or salwar suit, but also gels well with western casuals. Women wearing jeans and kurtis can easily carry a diamond Mangalsutra in style. If the Mangalsutra is made without the gold or silver beads it looks like a simple black chain with a diamond pendant and makes a good accessory for western formal attire too. Diamond Mangalsutras have bridged the gap between being traditional and being stylish.

Diamond Mangalsutras are readily available in all major jewellery showrooms across the country. Most of the big jewellery brands have their own unique collection. However, finding a diamond Mangalsutra in smaller towns can be a challenge as not many big brands have still not opened outlets in those places. For small towners, internet becomes a good medium to shop for jewellery. Since most companies are looking to expand their online businesses, one can expect the best of deals and offers online. Almost all the big brands are present online, so hunting for one is a piece of cake.

The best way to buy diamond Mangalsutra online is to check out jewellery aggregator portals. They come as a market place for all the leading jewellery brands and hence prove to be a great place to check out, compare and buy jewellery online. You can chose as per your budget, choice of your metal, choice of brand and design. Every information regarding the product is available so you don't even need to run to a jeweler to check out the specifications of a piece of jewellery.

Kiran Gautam is a close follower of lifestyle and fashion and writes about her passions and common shopping & fashion queries. Check out some of the best known brands of diamond mangalsutras at Jewelsouk.

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