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A Guide to Buying Clip On Earrings for Your Valentine

February 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

It is a known fact that Valentine's Day is more of a women's day, which means that guys are the ones who need to get ready the romantic atmosphere and get the gifts. Thus, if you wish for your relationship to go well for the rest of the year, you should think twice before buying her a gift for Valentine's Day. If you have absolutely no clue of what to get her, consider buying some clip on earrings.

All men know that women want and need something that shines. One great idea for Valentine's Day this year is clip on earrings. Unlike normal pierce earring, the clip ones are much easier to put on and of course to remove from the earlobe. Women are using clip on earrings more these days just because it is a much safer, with no risk of traumatic tearing, infection and allergic reaction.

There are many collections of clip on earrings to choose from, with all kinds of sizes, materials and colours. Of course, for Valentine's you should consider getting her a heart shaped earring, a flower or a diamond shape. You must take into account her taste before choosing any style of earring. For instance, if she is the girly type, then you should consider getting her a pair of pink flower earrings.

Clip on earrings are usually easy to accessorise. With countless shapes, and styles, they are created from almost every imaginable material. The two main things to consider when buying her the perfect earrings are her hair and clothing style. Different kinds of earrings flatter different hairstyles and outfits.

Usually, women who have a shorter hair need to wear smaller or stud earring, because larger hoops, drop earrings or pendants will draw the notice away from her face. Women with longer hair should wear drop earrings to give the illusion of perfect symmetry.

Another very important thing to consider before buying any earrings is her facial shape. You should remember that a woman with a round face should always refrain from wearing large earrings, because it will make her face seem even larger. As an alternative, she should wear drop or line earrings, which will make her look much less plump. Women with thin or skinny faces should almost always keep away from wearing drop or line earrings. Bigger accessories such as pendants and hoops can give an illusion of symmetry and fullness of the face. Lastly, women that have square shaped faces should put on stud earrings.

The price of clip on earrings varies depending on the style, size and the material that are made from. You can get her a beautiful, stunning heart shape earring for as low as £10 as a Valentine's Day gift. Obviously, prices differ from earring to earring. Clearly, a gold earring will not have the same price as earrings made from sterling silver. Don't forget to also buy her a clip on the cushion, so her earlobe will have an extra protection.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For a variety of clip on earring styles visit Make me Beautiful, based in the UK.

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