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How to Prepare for Bank Interview - Some Handy Tips

June 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 206

Once the written test is cleared the second and the most important round would be the interview round. This round becomes more critical as the interviewer would be scrutinizing your communication skills, personality and problem solving skills. Now that you have cleared the written test, the recruiters already know of your knowledge, so it is necessary that you put your best foot forward and crack the interview like a professional. To help you do just that we have listed down couple of very useful and handy tips on how to prepare for a bank interview. Read on and get into the groove.

Research! Research! About the Bank: As in all the other job interviews, it is very important that you read about the bank profile, accomplishments and milestones. To do this all you are required to do is visit their official website and read their about us and news section. This would give you a clear picture of the bank profile. Make sure to jot down all their important accomplishments (especially the recent ones). This small research activity will come in handy while answering questions during the interview. Plus you will also feel more confident as you will know what you are talking about.

Mock Interview: We never know what the interviewer is going to ask, but what we can do is go prepared for the interview. There are several common bank interview questions that you can find all over the internet. Make a consolidated list of common bank interview question, and then make sure to jot down best answer for each of those questions, depending on your resume and individual profile. Once you are done with this, you can ask any of your friend or family members to conduct a small round of mock interview. Why this is important? This is a small activity, but it will give you an opportunity to see how you perform and scrutinize your areas of improvement. Try doing it and you will be thankful that you took time to practice.

Stay Informed and Updated: For a bank job interview as well as for the written test round. It is really important that you are aware of the latest happenings in the business and banking industry. If not all, at-least the major ones. To keep yourself updated, you can read newspapers daily, initially this would be boring, but latter as you develop interest, you will enjoy reading. Try spending at least one hour daily reading the newspaper and banking/business magazines. This little activity each day will keep you on your toe and you will be more informed and knowledgeable when compared to other candidates. Being updated and informed would definitely help you shine out in a group bank interview or a one-on-one round.

Dressing Up the Right Way! During the bank job hiring process, the recruiters give lot of heed to your body gestures and personality. During the interview make sure to wear attire that helps enhance your personality and makes you look more self aware and confident. Do not wear casuals like jeans and tees during the interview. For both men and women it is advisable to wear business suits of decent colors. No bright and tacky colors please.

Documents & Resume: Though this point is being mentioned last, but that does not mean it is less important. Rather it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Always carry at least two copies of your resume, if you want you can carry more. Have a nice folder and file all your important documents, achievement certificates and work experience letter properly. If it is a group bank job interview than probably they would not ask for your documents, but in a face to face round you will be required to produce your documents. What ever might be the scenario carrying a small folder to the interview would not harm.

Some Other Tips to Keep in Mind While Attending the Bank Job Interview:

- Mind your body gestures. Do not fidget or lean, sit up straight. - Maintain good eye contact with the interviews and if it a group interview with other candidates as well. - Moving and gesturing with hands is fine. But do not get over excited and start throwing your hands. - Listen! Listen! attentively - Always arrive to the job interview venue 10 min in advance. - Speak clearly and loudly.- Stay calm and positive.

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