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How To Keep Your List Members Happy

June 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 169

We all know how important it is to build a membership list. Your list is a kind of captive audience; when you offer them deals, they buy! But just as important as building a list is maintaining it properly. If you have people ignoring your messages or unsubscribing, it won't do you any good.

First of all, when new people sign up for your list, don't sell to them right away. The first couple of times you email them offer them valuable information or something nice with no strings attached. If your first broadcast message is a bid for their money, they'll be unsubscribing like crazy.

Make A Worthwhile Offer

You know that it's pretty much essential to offer a freebie if you want people to sign up for your list. Nobody wants to sign up on an email list and run the risk of getting spammed to death. A freebie sweetens the deal for them. Well, you've got to keep the freebies coming. Every so often, give them something special. Remember, your list members are special to you. Treat them that way. For example, put together a quick report or offer a really good discount on your products or services.

Frequent Contact Is Key

Keep in touch with your list on a regular basis. Everybody debates how much you should email them. Email them too much and they'll start to ignore you; wait too long to email and they'll forget about you. It's tough to say exactly how much is the right amount because every niche is different, but keep in steady contact. A couple of messages a week is considered pretty standard. Don't Over Sell

Make sure that you email them sometimes just to stay in touch. In other words, every email shouldn't be an offer. Instead, share some news item with them or invite them to visit your blog. Send them some tips or an article of some kind. If you only email them with offers, whenever they see messages they'll think, "What does this guy/gal want from me?"


Don't ever recommend a product or service you haven't tested or used yourself. Don't forget it's about credibility not just sales. Keeping your list properly informed, offering good advice and free products will endear you to them - it's all about building trust. Listen Up This is Our Little Secret - People buy People First!!!

Ask People To 'Get Involved'

Another way for them to enjoy your list is to be involved. Invite them over to your social media sites where they can enjoy games, quizzes, discussions and other things that get them actively participating. If they feel like they are part of your business, they'll feel better about buying from you.

Keep your ear open and listen to what they have to say. Again, social media is a good way to do this. Keep tabs on the feedback they give you about your service. Understand as well as possible their problems, questions, worries, fears and concerns. Then, when you make offers, give them exactly what they want or need to get their problems resolved.

And always, always offer them good deals. Never push garbage on your list. Even just one lousy product or scammy offer will cost you a huge amount of your list members' trust and respect. Your authority and reputation as the one who gives them good stuff will be damaged. Always make sure you offer them high quality offers that they can use.

Finally, here's a quick tip on writing your messages - make sure the subject line is compelling, personalized and honest. It should be personalized so that it doesn't go to their spam folder. And the message body and offer should follow through on the promise you make in the subject line. You can keep your list loving you if you keep them opening and using your email messages.

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