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Year Of The Protester? I Protest!

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 114

Let me get one thing out of the way immediately: These people are heroes. They have the depth and soul of conviction that can change worlds. They inspire me.

My issues is with the people who wrote the Person of the Year article. Let us remind ourselves of the immortal words Groucho Marx uttered in that 1932 movie "Horse Feathers": I don't know what they have to say, It makes no difference anyway. Whatever it is, I'm against it! No matter what it is or who commenced it. I'm against it!

Now picture those words being uttered by Martin Luther King Jr, or Mahatma Gandhi. Try seeing Mother Theresa with a cigar and the glasses saying those words... doesn't quite fly, does it?

Would it get them person of the year?... Not that way. Yet, these were people of the millennium. Their influence will last for generations.

Here is a quote from the Person of the Year article: "They were all unhappy. They wanted change, and they wanted a better life," Hapak said. "Everybody is out there to unite their power for one common cause, one common expression: to get a better life."

These movements are powerful. It shows us what can be done when we get together but I have found that the young people I work with, who are stuck in a world where the only heroes worshipped are in video games or reality TV shows, who have opted out of what they see as a hypocritical world, these young people, who I believe are the generation that will create the greatest leaders of our time, are paralyzed when all the see is what is wrong, all they chant about is protest and all the create is what they don't want.

Each of my client's changes came not from focusing on the hypocrisy of life but by finding simple daily ways to make their lives better and on purpose, then giving back to others.

What I hope for is that out of these protesting heroes will come a voice, a voice for positive change, a voice for a movement of peace with a vision of how we get there together. Then people like me will follow as well. Lead us with a dream! Tell us how it can be better. Show us how to help the smallest of people suffering in the Congo, or Somalia or right here where we live. Then everyone will follow.

Tell these heroes we need another dream. Tell Time that. Oh and do watch the "I'm against it" song on the net. It's still really, really great!

May the souls of those who gave their lives, their families, friends and neighbors and all those who strive for a better life for their fellow people find freedom and peace in our lifetime.

Receive an original daily inspirational mentoring tweet based on Ken's work with helping teens and young adults find their personal positive power. #kenrabow Want to share your thoughts on the subject. Please comment below and I will comment back to you.

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