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The Impending Decline of the USA As a World Power

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 117

The Start

The Second World War ended in 1945 by the dropping of two Atomic Bombs on Japan. This feat itself needs scrutiny and is the start of the decline of the West. Japan, it has been conclusively proved was a defeated nation at the start of 1945, yet the USA thought it fit to Atom bomb Japan. There is good reason to believe that the dropping of the bombs was a laboratory experiment to test the efficacy of the Atomic weapon. Japan was chosen for the experiment because it was an Asian nation. There was no question ever of dropping the bomb on Germany at all. Thus intricate planning went into the bombing of Japan and the targets Hiroshima and Nagasaki were spared the carpet bombing of other cities as they the US wanted them as guinea pigs for their nefarious experiment.

United States Thought Process

The bombing of Japan convinced the USA in its mind of two facts

a) Utter contempt for other powers and the belief that the USA and the West was invincible.

b) The thought process that whatever the USA did was right and all other opponents need to be destroyed.

The above two thought processes played havoc with US policy and dictated their involvement in conflicts all over the world, what the USA perceived were righteous wars. It started with the Korean war in 1950-53. The war was the first battle field where the USA could not 'win' in the conventional sense. So exasperated was General MacArthur the US Commander, that he advocated a nuclear attack on China. Thankfully he was dismissed and the USA accepted a cease-fire after 3 years of fighting without any tangible gains.

Battle Against Communism

The US think tank at that time perceived Communism as a bigger threat and made all attempts to destroy it. Thus the US entered in to the Vietnam war to halt communism and save the 'free world'. At the height of the Vietnam war the US had over 600,000 troops on the ground with an incessant air bombardment by B-52 bombers on North Vietnam as well.

The war lasted 11 years and at the end the US was more exhausted than its opponents. Thousands of US service men died in a pointless conflict. The communists led by Ho Chi Minh played their cards adroitly and portrayed the US as an imperialist power and atrocities on the ground like the Mai Lai massacre and carpet bombing of entire villages did not help the US cause.

In retrospect it is established that US arms suffered a colossal defeat the like of which they had never seen. It took away the halo of an omnipotent super power and more important started the drain on US economy that has led to its near bankruptcy now.

Military Pacts

The US learn't nothing from the Korean war or the Vietnam war and decided that the Soviet union must be destroyed and thus set up a string of military pacts all around the Soviet Union. Thus the Baghdad Pact, SEATO, CENTO and NATO came up. The important point here is that the USA poured in billions of dollars of worth of arms and ammo in these pacts. They also made no attempt to verify the nations, their rulers and types of people who joined them. With a one point focus of Russia they backed Islamic groups, Dictators and tyrants, not knowing what they were doing. Thus in Afghanistan they backed the mujaheddin and supported obscurantist regimes like Saudi Arabia. They also went the entire mile in supporting dictators like the Shah of Iran, Mubarak and a host of despotic rulers. More important they poured billions of dollars into the coffers of these regimes, draining the US economy. A little prudence would have shown them that Soviet Russia was on the verge of collapse and the watch word should have been caution.

Wars and Wrong Appreciations

The US now launched a war in Iraq. Much has been written on this war. Suffice it to say that it was a Pyrrhic victory and the war itself served no purpose. After 9 years and deaths of thousands of US soldiers the US is back to square one. Iraq is ripe for an Islamic take over and the USA will be enemy number one.

The US also failed to recognize the inherent danger of a resurgent Islam, which considered the 'decadent' west an arch enemy. The war in Afghanistan is now on for 10 years and the US is weary of it. The Islamic parties are holding the upper hand and sooner than later the US will retreat from Afghanistan.

This situation is of the US own creation. They supported Pakistan for 6 decades and poured in billions and yet Pakistan supports the Haqqani faction of the Taliban. The US can only grind its teeth. The US and the west have a propensity to act without much thought like in Libya. Here the going of Gaddafi will ultimately lead to an Islamic spring and the West will just rub their hands. Thus wrong wars, wrong appreciations, wrong assessments have all contributed to the decline of the US economy.

The result is very disheartening as the Chinese are sitting pretty and own 1/3 of the US economy. The US has shot itself in the foot. Obama has a lot to do.

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