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Syrian Civil War - Could It Escalate Into a Major Conflict or World War?

June 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 208

While everyone is looking at the Euro Crisis and watching the news, perhaps they might not realize the quick escalation of events in the on-going Syrian Civil War. Okay so, let's discuss all this shall we?

On June 13, 2012 the Wall Street Journal had an article titled "US Blasts Russia Over Syria - Clinton Says Moscow Is Sending Attack Helicopters, as Opposition Paints Clash as Sectarian Civil War," by Sam Dagher, Nour Malas, and Jay Solomon. So, is this so, will the Russians give military weapons "gun-ships" to Syria's military to hunt down and get the resistance? If so, then what, after all, "where is Osama bin Laden's Freedom Fighters when you need them," I ask, "oh yah, we killed him."

So, what does the US, NATO, the UN, Arab League do now? The resistance there to the Assad Regime does not have those shoulder launched weapons which were stolen from the fallen Gaddafi warehouses, do they? If push comes to shove will the US intervene in a bigger way - air strikes, suggest one Senator recently, and of course that famous line; "we are leaving all options on the table."

Lastly, I ask; "who says those helicopter ominous looking Russian gunships are going to be used on Syrian citizens?" Maybe, the Syrians are arming up in case of US, NATO, UN, or Arab League intervention - thus, the realization that this entire thing could get way out of hand as my title suggests; What If? Would Syria really use those weapons on their own people? Well, let me ask you something; Do you believe past behavior is a predictor of future actions? Yes, me too, so you've indeed answered the question already yourself haven't you?

Now then, is this latest maneuver by Russia to give more military weapons to Syria's rogue regime a call to action on our part? Is our media release of this information a play to rile up our masses, our allies, Syria's neighbors, and the world to take action? Are we blowing this out of proportion? Are we moving the global media against the latest chess move by Russia? Do we really think Russia will flinch considering its new poker faced leadership with hardcore views seeking a last hoorah for the history books?

Do we help weaponize our potentially future enemies as friends (today) against the Assad Regime, in favor of an unknown yet, perhaps preferable future association? If so, what's the end game, what are our true objectives, how does this affect the Iranian situation, and could all of this get so far out of hand that everyone involved on all sides, will wish they've re-considered once it is all over? Hard to say, what's your game theory playbook say - I know what mine says. Please consider all this and think on it.

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