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Rebooting Don Mueang Airport

May 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 117

Don Mueang Airport is now being used just marginally. However, under the policy reversal by the airports of Thailand Plc (AoT), it will be fully reactivated very soon in order to provide considerable relief to Suvarnabhumi Airport which is fully packed.

AoT's board has given resolution which means that there are 3 terminals at the old airport of Bangkok, the International Terminal II and Cargo Terminal II and the Domestic Terminal. All these will be revitalized to become relief facilities. Such a decision will actually kill all the ambitious development projects in progress at the airport site that were previously mooted based on the assumption on Don Mueang's role for passenger traffic that has been highly considered as limited.

Before the floods attacked Don Mueang, there were plans by AoT's drawing board to develop a landing gear repair center and an airframe heavy maintenance, import car showrooms, exhibition facility, convention facility, air craft parts and components and a logistics center. In essence, AoT intends to divert the traffic especially that of low cost airlines and carriers that are now providing point-to-point flights especially from Suvarnnabhurmi; the country's main international airport.

Since the flooded Don Mueang reopened back in March 2012 with only one service; the Terminal I, only Nok Air has returned to service. AoT has plans to see to it that Nok now handles 14.5 million passengers a year, a boost from the 4 million that it has handled in the previous years. Thai AirAsia could be lured by AoT to help reduce the carrying problems from Don Mueang because it is the largest low-cost air carrier that Thailand can boast of. With a carrier volume of 7 million that was recorded last year we expect this to soar upwards to relieve Suvarnabhumi of its current problems.

The quickest and easiest way to reduce the congestion that is experienced at Suvarnabhumi at the moment is through moving some of the traffic to Don Moeang in such a manner as to ensure that the passenger volume soars to about 45 million in this very year. This would be an improvement down from 47.2 million that was recorded over last year. Initially, it was designed to handle a capacity of 45 million.

One of the most encouraging plans that the AoT has is to offer a package of some incentives that include a 15 percent reduction in the parking fees as a way to attract many airlines to Don Mueang Airport. On the other hand, the Board of Directors of AoT has also agreed to appoint the EPM consortium as the project management consultant that will spearhead the long overdue expansion of Suvarnabhumi.

This 6 year 62.5 billion baht project is actually aimed at increasing the carrying capacity that Suvarnabhumi can handle each single year. Initially it has been 15 million and it is expected to rise to about 60 million after completion of the expansion project. This will see Thailand manage more passengers at the airports thus improving the economy.

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