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3 Key Tips for Modern Businesses Moving Into Foreign Markets

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 262

Putting your business on the international stage is a big step for any owner. Global markets are by definition more competitive, requiring greater financial input and a level of knowledge far beyond one's domestic environment. Anyone thinking about engaging in such an undertaking would be wise to follow a few helpful tips discovered by other global entrepreneurs. Moving into the international sphere is no easy feat, but by taking the time to research and adjust to your new territory you have a far better chance of achieving multi-national success.

Accurate Website Translation

In today's increasingly wireless market place, website translation is a key step in finding your client base in a foreign country. Though there may be a whole host of differences between nations (which is another important tip we will discuss), the internet is the one universal truth underpinning the vast majority of modern markets. Whether you're in a New York loft looking for a paper supplier, or sitting in a Bolivian cafe trying to find climbing gear, the internet tends to be your first port of call. A website that is either not translated at all, or has been done so poorly, will instantly turn away potential consumers from your brand.

To ensure a smooth transfer of information across territories, many firms with global ambitions are outsourcing their website translation to third party specialists. These service providers tend to employ dedicated linguists, who are able to fluently communicate your message to a new audience without losing the impact it has in your native tongue.

Research the Culture

What works in one country may not be as effective in another. Cultural miscommunications can at best make for amusing travel anecdotes, but in the business world they are often what will kill your expansion into a new territory almost upon impact. While the end product or service is identical, you may have to develop novel ways of marketing this to your divergent global client base. Knowledge is power, and local knowledge is all powerful.

While it is always prudent to conduct your own research before entering a foreign market, assistance can come in the form of the linguist tasked with translating your website. You see, these professionals often live in your newly acquired target market. This means they're immersed in not only the language, but the culture as well. If there is something off about your message when spoken in a foreign dialect, your translator should be able to pick up on this and give you feedback accordingly.

Know Your Market

When starting a business from scratch, any good entrepreneur will take the time to survey the marketplace and carve out a niche within it that fits their unique offering. However, this is something that firms on the brink of expansion have been known to overlook. Just as it is important to know whether your message will translate across foreign lines, you must have a clear idea of how your product is placed in a new market.

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