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Tips for Effective Party Lighting

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 179

Are you tired of entertaining in the same old boring backyard? Do you want to make it more fun and appealing? Other than music, lighting is the strongest medium available for transforming the feeling and excitement of a party. If you are hosting a party, you can spice up your home's outdoors or indoors by adding a little light that is funky and different.

You can create that special ambience by using rope lighting, tiki torches, festive string lighting, and centerpiece lamps or by lighting up existing trees, sparking a bonfire, decorating with LEDs, and spreading tropical lanterns. The flexibility you have to decorate with outdoor rope lighting is endless. Rope lights are easy to install and are flexible enough to put anywhere, such as on a deck's handrails, on your steps, patio or around the trunks of small trees.

Outdoor string lighting will always make your yard look more festive, and you can even create your own string lights by using odd pieces and materials around the lights.

Before you begin, think about your design and about what you want to create outdoors. However, don't overpower your design with rope lights, it is much better to be moderate in your layout and to incorporate other decorative outdoor lighting features. And don't be afraid to use colour; rope lighting comes in many different colours. Using various colours will enhance your theme and make it more fun.

Tiki torches not only provide ambient light and look great, but they also keep pesky mosquitos away. You can criss-cross them and tie them together at the crossing point, and you can even get solar tiki torches if you do not want to mess with a dirty wick.

A centerpiece lamp will add to the overall theme of your party and provide intimate lighting for your guests; it is a great way of placing a decorative yet effective piece of lighting on your table. If you already have trees in your garden, then simply add some outdoor tree lighting to them to make them stand out. And finally, you can set an ambient mood around your table or yard by decorating it with some tropical lanterns.

LED lights are always great for illuminating your garden, table, wall, or anything that you wish to make stand out. The cost of LED lighting may be a little more but it is far more energy efficient and appealing. LED lights come in many different shapes and sizes, and will transform the vibe of a party completely.

Sandy Cosser writes on behalf of Home to Life, which is an online design directory in South Africa, promoting interior design and home décor, including lighting suppliers and home makeover specialists.

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