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Children's Bed Covers - Options for Children's Bed Covering

June 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 229

Unless you live in an extremely hot climate, you probably want more than a simple sheet covering your child's bed. When you start to shop for children bed covers, you will learn that there are a number choices out there. The most plentiful and popular options are comforters. These are patterned fabrics, filled with cotton or polyester fibers to create a fluffy bed covering. This creates a cozy look for your bed. Duvets with duvet covers do the same thing but are more expensive, because they are normally filled with higher quality materials like goose down. Duvet covers can be used on traditional comforters to make laundering easier.

Blankets with popular characters or prints are also used as children's bed covers on twin beds. They are not normally big enough to cover full or queen sized beds. These options are thin enough to launder easily in a washing machine but will not typically dry as quickly as a duvet cover will. Unless they are made of very high quality materials, they have a tendency to wear thin in places with use night after night. The thinness of blankets also makes it more difficult for children to make the bed neatly, because they reveal all the wrinkles in the sheets underneath the blanket. In contrast, the thickness of comforters and duvets hides these imperfections in bed making.

Old-fashioned quilts have come back into vogue with some parents for children's bed covers, because they are usually brightly colored patterns which hide stains well. They are thicker than blankets, but thinner than comforters. The top stitching has to be of durable quality or repeated washing will destroy the quilting patterns. Also, depending on the size of the quilt and the materials used, the quilt may or may not be machine washable in practicality.

My choice for children's bed covers is to use duvet covers over existing comforters. This provides an inexpensive, fluffy base, as well as the ease of care and versatility of duvet covers. It is a good idea to purchase (or make) two duvet covers for your child's bed. This way, you can remove one to wash, and slip the other one on right away, keeping the comforter clean and free of germs and other allergens. Choosing comfortable cotton (100%) duvet covers with durable construction techniques is ideal because it extends the life of the bedding. Kids can really get into choosing duvet covers that have patterns that fit the theme they want for their rooms, such as favorite sports, dance, western, space, dinosaurs, or other kid-friendly motifs.

Debra grew up in Lorman, Mississippi. She attended Alcorn State University and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology with a minor in Drafting Technology. She is the owner of an online business. To learn more, visit or email at Copyright: If you copy this article please credit Debra Dee as author.

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