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Diabetic Health Insurance? Yes! Health Insurance Coverage For Diabetics Is Available

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 100

If you or a family member have diabetes or other health conditions, and you find that because of a conditions such as diabetes, health insurance is difficult to qualify for, there are a number of creditable options in most states to help secure quality coverage. Health insurance for diabetecs which are accepting applicants can come in many forms, either through private or public sources of coverage. Applying for diabetic health insurance options can be tedious depending on the type of plan one is trying to secure. In most states applying for a traditional full major medical underwriting plan would generally result in a decline for a diabetic applicant. Although there are some carriers formally stating in their underwriting manuals that they will atleast consider a Type 2 diabetic applicant for coverage, in reality, and as a matter of practicality, actually getting approved for this type of coverage while having diabetes of any kind is virtually impossible.

If one is coming off a qualified group or employer-sponsored medical coverage plan, there are usually more options available. In a number of states, a state HIPAA plan (if one has exhausted Cobra coverage) or a High Risk Pool plan option may be available. It can be sometimes be a very arduous and time-consuming task to actually get approved for many of these programs. You may want to discuss your options with a qualified health insurance broker who represents many carriers and who may be able to expedite the processing of these types of applications as well.

If the applicant has gone without coverage for 6 months or longer, then the PCIP (Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan) may be an option. The applicant would also need to show proof of being declined coverage by a major medical carrier in order to be accepted for this type of coverage. Or a licensed health underwriter can usually write and sign a letter stating that the client will not qualify also, and this is an acceptable proof to the PCIP (Pre Existing Condition Insurance) plan administrators as well. These plans are available to be purchased through or referred by qualified health insurance brokers as well.

There may be other private sources of coverage, including group association plan options, that may accept some with certain pre-existing conditions, including health insurance for diabetics and others. Make sure that what you are reviewing is creditable coverage plan options, and not some type of discount card or 'network buy-in" program that offers little in the way of actual insurance benefits. Again this is an area where speaking with a qualified insurance broker or Registered Health Underwriter about can be very beneficial. Please visit and review our website for further information.

Ours is a full service insurance agency assisting clients with pre-existing conditions to get approved for quality life and health insurance coverage in California and other states throughout the U.S. We can be reached at 1-800-381-7858. Please visit our website at:

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