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Spelling Was Created by Dyslexics!

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

Who created the written form of English? Was it a teacher that had learned all the rules and put it all together? No of course not, because in the begging it was a creation, there were no rules. Creating is the art of making some new, something different.

We all know the difference between a person that creates an original piece of art and one that copies a piece. An original has something in it, a creative component that can not be matched by a copy even though the copier may have learned their skills well.

Is not the language of English a continual creation, an evolving living thing? Those people that first wrote down the language probably used phonology to create many of the words, so way back then words like 'light' probably sounded like the way they were spelled. Now we zoom ahead to the present day where our written language is a set of rules and structures that if are broken don't just lead to miscommunication, but to judgment.

Have you ever noticed that most dyslexics will spell a word incorrectly the same way every time? At school this is judged as a wrongness that leads to many of the children either resisting English or accepting the judgment that they are stupid. I say that dyslexic children are not stupid! I say the teachers are! Now that sounds like a judgment.

Why do I make a statement like that, to wake you up to a different possibility. How many teachers, parents and "wise" adults make children or other people wrong for "incorrect spelling." Is that not stupid? What if they actually asked some questions of the child or the person who is spelling differently?

Yes, you guessed write - I am dyslexic (just had to put that mistake in their on purpose, oh and another one, just to push more buttons). What if those dyslexics actually had a way of thinking or perceiving the world that the regulators of rules did not have access to?

Just imagine that for one minute, a dyslexic child of 10 struggling with spelling and a teacher with years of rules that limits their ability see out side the box challenged by the creative and holistic way the child perceives the world. What does the teacher do? Much of the time they slam the child in to the form of structure of their reality by telling them that they are wrong. English in schools is not a well liked subject by many because it is all about judgment and control. Not empowerment and the ability to create.

What if the dyslexic was nurtured and acknowledged for their perception and creative abilities and not judged wrong for not fitting in to the form and structure that our society and schools makes so significant. What if Dyslexics were the people that had the potential to create something new, something different in our world?

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