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Some Days, Inspiration Hits You 'Like A Storm'!

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 157

Last week I attended one of the greatest concerts, ever.The music rocked, the crowd loved the show, the food was amazing...and there were no long lines for the bathrooms!

On Monday evening, a dozen fans were invited to my friend Brad's apartment for a special evening of music with musicians he'd met at a concert last year. The band 'Like A Storm' is a trio of brothers from New Zealand (Matt, Kent and Chris Brooks). They reside in Vancouver, British Columbia, and are currently on a tour of American living rooms.

Yes, you read that correctly.

These brothers, who have enjoyed huge applause as an opening act for such major artists as Creed, Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Staind and more...were now playing, unplugged, in my friend's house. And maybe yours?

No nosebleed seats here.

I claimed front row on the couch (the most comfortable concert my butt has ever enjoyed).

What we received (in addition to some KILLER food from Brad the chef) was an evening I'll never forget.

We were treated to a one-night-only experience or pure authenticity and passion!

As much I love (as a professional speaker) to take every stage and share myself straight from the heart, these three took that joy to another level.

During their mid-twenties, they left home to bring their music to a great big unknown world.

If they had mission-stopping fears of failure, they were left on a luggage carousel in a New Zealand airport.

Between songs, they made us laugh with tales from the road, memories from home and stories of their family. Their grandmother LOVED seeing living out their dream so much, she'd stand at the front of the stage with her camera as other bands asked: "Who is that old lady?!?"

When she passed away, the brothers found themselves unable to return home for the funeral. In appreciation for her love and support, they put pen to paper (and hearts to guitars) and created the song 'Galaxy' in her honor.

The song blew me away. They shared that it was the easiest song they ever wrote. I can understand.

I had 'that' grandparent who believed in me. I also had a close friend who believed.

Both are now gone, too soon to see the success I wished to create.

And it is up to me to continue sharing my message anywhere I can, on any stage, because they inspired me to do so.

Another highlight from the evening was a cover of CCR's nugget "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

As the boys sang and played, they invited us to share the chorus several times over.

Was every voice perfect? Nope, except for Matt, Kent and Chris.

Did we have fun and create a 'moment' that I will remember forever? YES!

Who is singing in YOUR living room these days?

Who comes into your life sharing their message in such a way that you realize you may not be sharing yours as powerfully as you can?

Are you listening...and singing along?

Grab yourself a comfy seat, because YOUR show is about to begin, in a whole new way.

You already have a rotating roster of artists sharing your stage with you.

Some will inspire your heart to soar with happiness. Others may cause you to sing the blues.

But ALL are here for a limited time, so please enjoy the show!

Here is a message from their song 'Galaxy':

"Whenever the rain is pouring on me,

You'll be shining in my memory.

Wherever I go, you're always with me

You'll be shining in my galaxy."

Some days, when you least expect it...inspiration can hit you, Like A Storm.

Shine on Matt, Kent and Chris!

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