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Plan Well to Live Well

February 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

For anyone to live well, planning very well cannot be too much. The common adage says " boy shows the man as morning shows the day" so is quite easy for anyone to imagine the end a year from its beginning. The year 2012 began in earnest just about four months ago and it is the mark you set for yourself right from the first day that will be the determinant factor for the rest of the months whichever way you look at it.

The month of March ended a couple of days ago and you do not have to wait till it June before you start moving on to fulfill your goals, plans and aspiration so it is not too late for you to start doing meaningful things. You may not realize that if you wait till either August or September, it might be too late for you to achieve your goals for the rest of the year. It is quite good for you to reflect on your present successes and failures in the preceding months and conscientiously award yourself the right mark, just move ahead from this very spot. It stands to reason that the goals that you never set cannot be scored just as it is quite impossible to hit a target at which you do not aim.

It does not make any sense for you to leave your life to what is commonly known as chance otherwise you will be disappointed to your bone marrow because success in life has never been by chance but by choice. The way you prepare your bed is how you lie on it so make good workable plans this year and follow them to the letter without giving any allowance for distraction and you will be amazed by the result you when the next Christmas bells toll.

No matter how good or bad your situation in life may be right now, stop running around aimlessly. It is better you sit down with a pen and a paper and put down how you want things to move for you for the rest of the year. What is your success target for the third and fourth quarter of the year? Do you have any project in the pipeline? Are you embarking on a worthwhile journey? Is there a cogent reason for you to change your job or place of residence? Do you plan to enroll for a course of study or work harder to improve on your present career or occupation? What plans have you to complete the project you have abandoned up till this moment? The list is quite endless and your conscientious answer to them will be a very strong pointer to how you will live well to make 2012 a worthwhile for you after all you are the architect of your own fortune and misfortune as at is popularly said. Good luck to you all the way and may the year be a successful one for you.

Ade Adenekan is a self-improvement blogger and enthusiast. In case you like this article and you want to get more just check here

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