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Is Your Dream Too Big?

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 154

Do you doubt whether you can actually create what you REALLY want? Do you think your dream is too BIG? Unrealistic? Impossible?

Well, here's a little dream realization quiz for you...

True or False?

"The more realistic and reasonable my dream is, the more likely I am to fulfill it."

False. And, here's why...

We've all heard it said that we should Dream Big, right? Ok, but why?

Well... let's say, for example, that you dream of traveling around the world. And when I say dream, I mean, you want to live out this adventure so much so that your heart SOARS at even just at the thought of it!

Now, that said - maybe there's a little voice inside you saying something along the lines of "that's too big a dream! I mean, around the world, really?!? Get real!" (Sound familiar?)

OR - maybe someone you love and trust has told you that your dream is too lofty and unrealistic. Perhaps that sealed the deal, further confirming what you already thought: "Yeh, it'll never happen... Too big."

So, deciding that your dream (in this example, looping the globe) is out of reach for you, you negotiate. You figure, well... I've never been to Ohio, so maybe I'll just start there.

Ouch! Right?

Can you FEEL how the power and energy of the dream is instantly squashed?!?

It's like letting all the air out of your tires. Deflated. And then there is no way you can even begin to travel anywhere - you're just stuck at the gas station!

Dreaming, by design, inspires grandeur. In fact, if you're not at least somewhat intimidated by your dream, that's a sure sign it's not big enough!

The moral of the story: Don't water down your dreams. Dream BIG, not because it's a catchy slogan - but because only the real dream has power.

Only the REAL dream has power.

By giving yourself the freedom and the permission to dream - to let your imagination go, and let your heart soar at the prospect... getting 110% honest about what you really want (even and especially if you don't know HOW yet), allows you to zero in on what truly inspires and excites YOU.

And when you do, you'll find that you unlock energy you didn't know you had - energy that will come in very handy once you decide to go for it.

But first and foremost, give yourself permission to... DREAM BIG!

Ready to not just dream, but LIVE those dreams?

You're invited: Visit to learn how we can partner to accelerate this process for you!

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