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Inspirational Stories Can Be Very Motivating

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

The co-writer of this website, my husband Darrel, has been involved in several, which would affect his life directly, as well as several people close to him.

One of his inspirational stories started from a motor vehicle accident. at age 17, as a passenger, while the driver was celebrating his last payment on his Sports Car. It was July 3rd, 1970. Unlike Darrel his cousin the Driver, had been drinking. While he was attempting to negotiate his way through a Series of "S" Curves at a High Rate of Speed, his cousin lost control of the sports car. The car would slide side ways 264 feet before Crashing into a Full Sized, 1964 Buick Station Wagon on the Driver's Side.

His cousin was killed instantly, in shock Darrel unbuckled his seat belt, and crawled on to the hood of the car, the seat belt no doubt saved his life. They impacted the car at such a High Rate of Speed; Darrel's new watch was propelled off his wrist, down the road. He was soon Vomiting Blood, caused by a collapsed lung, numerous internal injuries, including a ruptured spleen. That seat belt that had saved him from being ejected had also lacerated his Liver.

The Internal Bleeding was Profuse. He was Motivated enough to stay with the car until a passing motorist was able to summon an ambulance. He fought off going into unconsciousness by reminding himself that Xcountry practice was in three weeks and he wanted to be there.

He was taken to a small rural Hospital, the surgeon there was on vacation. Darrel had to be transferred to a larger Hospital, an hour away by ambulance. He was still vomiting blood, all the while keeping himself conscious. A week after surgery he was told because of the use of the seat belt, and his great physical conditioning he would be able to go home.

His mental attitude, and Motivational Thoughts, had helped him tremendously, during his recovery. Five years later he was playing basketball with some college friends. Then there was another severe injury. A direct result of the injuries he received from the auto accident. This time, it was many times worse. While playing he jumped up above the rim to take down a rebound. He felt a pain just below his rib cage, but thought it was a small muscle pull and kept on playing.

Four days would pass before anyone would determine what had really happened physically. Darrel was experiencing pain in his abdomen and back. The first visit to the Hospital Emergency Room provided a diagnosis of back strain, and the flu (no x-ray taken). After all, it was Flu Season. He was young, athletic, 6'2" and weighted 195 lbs. He was just playing basketball. Darrel was sent home with a prescription for the Flu.

Darrel tried to keep himself Motivated to ride out the Pain. The next day he saw his family Doctor. He too, assured Darrel it was just the Flu. After two more days had passed, he would see his Family Doctor again, this time he couldn't stand straight and was vomiting blood. There happened to be a Nurses strike at the Hospital now, so his Doctor had to go before a board before he could be admitted.

After further testing, by two specialists it was determined the weakened area on Darrel's diaphragm had somehow pushed, twisted and torn his stomach from his esophagus when he had jumped to get the rebound! All the food that Darrel had attempted to eat for four days had been dumping into his chest cavity. His torn stomach and esophageal tissue, with no blood supply, had become gangrenous. A massive Infection ensued.

Post operation, Darrel would learn 85% of his stomach was removed. He had Massive Incisions. While recovering, his body was invaded by infection, excessive fevers and tubes everywhere. Lying in a bed of ice became routine in an effort to lower his 106 degree body temperature. He told himself he must stay inspired. Now a second Surgery was needed to remove more of his stomach and repair a leak. He was in search for more motivation and remembered what his Xcountry Coach had once told his team,"no matter how tired you are you always have something left". Darrel was now paging through his mind for other Inspirational Stories to motivate himself.

He would remain upbeat! Then again another setback. He started coughing up blood from his stomach. Darrel said that was a night he'll never forget, it was terrible. His Doctors had to be called in. He was able to keep himself inspired enough to get out of Critical Care, and didn't have any plans on going back again. But now he had become dependent on the pain medication.

He would go through withdrawals for 48 hours after the Doctors took away his medication. They were so severe; he had to be tied down to his bed. He was finally able to walk the length of the hallway, pushing his IV Pole. I'm sure the Nurse here saw this as one of their inspirational stories. Almost three months had passed since his admission to the Hospital. Christmas was only two days away. He convinced his Doctors to discharge him. He went home even though he still had a chest tube.

It was amazing how he inspired and motivated his way through those extremely tough days. Unfortunately, this brought an end to his Baseball Career, but would steer him on a journey to eventually Motivate others. Another one of his many Inspirational Stories would take place 32 years later when that reconstructed esophagus would become Cancerous. Again he faced another Life Threatening Crisis. A common thread between these, and other stories is the ability to Motivate Yourself during a time of crisis.

Darrel and Mary are Two Master Motivators with many years of experience. Their new Motivational Guide could change your life forever. It is packed with a host of Award Winning Motivating Methods and Techniques. Please read excerpts from their Guide at;, also download some additional free ebooks.

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