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Blue Moon Promise Written By Colleen Coble

March 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 248

I don't know how Colleen Coble keeps coming up with such super-duper stories. I have read most of them, missing only those that were not sent my way to tell me they were available. In my mind Blue Moon Rising is possibly the best of Colleen's books so far. She keeps a Christian atmosphere in all her stories and many times shows how God can turn lives around through living the way He wishes us to live. The good of people are brought out in her stories along with the evil some humans can inflict on fellow man and woman.

This book takes place in the 1870's as young Lucy Marsh struggles to raise her younger brother and sister in a dilapidated house. Now she has lost her job and has no way of knowing how she will keep things going as a family. At the same time her landlord approached her and told her he had sold the property so she would have to move. What else can Lucy overcome to keep things together? She had lost her father to a supposed accident and then her mother just took off. When Harry Stanton from Texas appeared at her door, telling Lucy that he had received all the news about the disasters she has now in her life, she was in a deep quandary when Henry said she was welcome to come to Texas where he said his son needed a wife and Lucy was in such an entangled mess that she, being a strong Christian, would serve the family perfectly by accepting his offer. Lucy and her brother, Jed, and her sister, Eileen, got together and had a good prayer with God. Eventually Lucy decided that they would go since she had nothing where they now existed.

With mixed thoughts and emotions, they left for Texas without the slightest knowledge of what they were going into but she figured since some were family that she was going to live with, a marriage to someone she didn't know, in an area they knew nothing about, it couldn't be worse than what they were leaving. The thought of marrying a man she never knew gave her much thought but if other family was around she figured things should work out. The main thing was to keep her brother and sister with her and raise them correctly. To make it worse a mysterious man was bothering her.

This led Lucy and family to a huge ranch with animals and a loving family, in general, and a man she had to get used to in a way she never even thought of. A husband I don't know? Oh well, they met the family, some likeable and some not, but they knew they had to adjust and adjust they did while all along the lives of family changed with their Christian approach to life. Nate Stanton seemed like a nice enough fellow but he, as well as Lucy, had no idea of what married life should be for both of them.

Lucy adjusted to ranch life and the kids worked hard to fit in and do some of the chores. Jed was a strong boy and old enough to assist in physical running of a ranch. He even got to like working with animals. Many problems come into all their lives and you as the reader go right with them trying to make up their minds with yours as to what course of life is next. There is mystery, love, some hate and denial, but the book is one not to be missed.

Reader review by Cy Hilterman of a book supplied by The Amazon Vine Program

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