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Information on a Popular Question, Do Fleas Fly?

January 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

Fleas have no wings and therefore do not fly, but they can sure jump! Their back legs are long and quite amazing in that they can jump forward through your pet's hair at high speed. If your pet tries to bite or scratch at the flea, the flea's back legs help them escape and jump to another area of the pet's body. Humans may be bitten by a flea.

Fleas and Wild Animals?

Wild animals carry fleas just like our pets. In fact, if a wild animal carrying fleas walks through your yard, this is how fleas enter your environment and thus how fleas find a home on your pet. A great way to help keep the flea population down in your yard is keeping up on cutting grass. Fleas like the shelter. Pay close attention to any areas in your yard that are protected from direct sunlight with moist soil. These are the areas that provide an adequate environment for flea development.

How Does a Flea Eat?

A flea survives on drinking their host's blood. A flea has two parts to its mouth. One sucks the blood and the other squirts saliva into the host causing the infection (raised area of the skin that causes itching). There is protein contained in the flea's saliva which is what causes an allergic skin reaction. Fleas have even been known to kill animals such as, puppies, kittens, calves, goats and lambs due to taking too much blood.

Flea Survival in Winter

Surprisingly, the temperature has to be at least 37 degrees or colder for a period of 10 days before the flea will die. These temperatures even kill off any eggs, larvae and pupae. Fleas in all life cycles can remain alive in these temperatures if sheltered by a barn, your garage, your pet's bedding in a kennel, any kind of carpeting in an outdoor structure, etc.

Where to Look for Fleas on Your Pet

First, start where your pet is scratching and/or biting. The areas fleas like most are the belly, neck and rump.

Flea Eggs

They are white in color and are the approximate size of a grain of sand. Eggs are laid in your pet's hair but easily fall off and into your carpet and/or furniture because they do not have a sticky coating on them. These eggs will generally hatch anywhere from 1 to 10 days. Temperature and humidity play a big role in this process. Flea eggs will die if there is less than 50 percent humidity. A newly emerged flea can remain alive from 1 to 2 weeks without having a host to feed on. Once they find their host, they will feed, mate and begin producing eggs in as little a time as 20 to 24 hours. A flea has four life cycles and with the right humidity and temperature, it can take less than 3 weeks for a flea to emerge.


Fleas transmit tapeworms among other infectious diseases.

Glenn Justle is a writer who cares about animals. You can check out his latest website at What Kills Fleas, where he provides information to help people get control of a flea problem they may encounter along with aiding in no more fleas in house.

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