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Flea Extermination

September 27, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 91

Flea extermination has become big business in recent times as many people now have pets in their homes and fleas usually live and grow within the warm and moist animal hairs on the body of a dog or cat for example. When you let your pet run around outside you can be quite sure that your home will be infested with fleas and it's not that easy to get rid of them.

It should be noted however that only about 10% of the fleas are on your pet. The other 90% which make up the flea eggs, larvae and pupa and a few of the adult fleas will live in you carpets, bedding and living areas so you must address these areas in your attempt at flea extermination.

We will briefly discuss some of the methods on how to get rid of fleas.

Pet Flea Control

You should be able to check your pets from time to time to see if they carry fleas. A usual hiding place is behind the ears of your pet. Fleas usually have a four stage life cycle and it is vitally important to address all these areas. Many people falsely believe that more is better when it comes to using chemicals and treatments for flea extermination but this is not the case.

A flea bath or shampoo is usually a good start for pets with a large number of visible fleas on its body. However this only offers a temporary measure and the fleas can be back within a few days so it's not intended for lasting control for fleas.

Flea dip is a stronger way to help getting rid of fleas on your pets and it also can attack any mites and ticks on the animal's body too. Dips last approximately 1-2 weeks and is effective for adult fleas. Spot on treatments are similar but typically last around a month as they prevent larvae from emerging from the flea egg.

Flea collars are collars which you fit around the neck of your pet and they produce a toxic gas which is poisonous only to fleas. The collars can also be placed inside vacuum bags to further kill any fleas when you vacuum your house. Again, these are effective for adult fleas.

There is also oral flea medication which pets can take and these work by stopping the larvae from emerging from the flea egg. There is also an injectable medication specifically for cats. These treatments will not actually kill adult fleas but they can help stop the life cycle of the flea when used in tandem with other treatments.

Flea Bomb / Flea Fogger

Flea bomb or flea fogger is a more efficient way of addressing the problem and will kill fleas and the larvae stage of the flea life cycle. You will have to remove your pets and put all food and plates away and leave the house for around two hours. After this you will need to wipe down all food surfaces.

You will kill most of the fleas but not all of them but it is one of the more effective methods. You should be aware that, however, flea bombs can leave a slight residue and smell in your home so you need to keep your windows open for a while.

Professional Flea Treatment & Extermination

Many people prefer to call in the professionals for their flea problem as they usually have the knowledge and equipment to stop the problem. They will usually do the job within a couple of hours and be able to reach and check those areas which you may have missed.

Before calling in a professional flea exterminator, you should thoroughly vacuum and clean the carpets. You can sprinkle Borax on the carpets after you've finished which will help to dry out the fleas. You can also sprinkle some borax in your front and back yard especially around the entry points of where your pets may enter the house.

It's also important to ensure that your pet's bedding areas are washed in hot water. Once the professional treatment is complete, you should not vacuum or clean your floors for several days.

Flea Infestation Rate

In a recent study, it was found that flea infestation on dogs were long term problem except in the months of February and March. Not surprisingly, the highest infestation rates were observed in the summer and autumn months, whereas the winter had the lowest rates.

There are many ways to address the flea extermination problem and some I've highlighted above. If you feel however that you are fighting a losing battle with the fleas on your pet and subsequently in your home, then it would be advisable to seek a professional to do the job for you.

In most cases, this will put a stop to your flea problem becoming worse. You should try to maintain a program of cleaning and maintenance in your home and with your pets to reduce the chances of the flea problem from rearing its ugly head again.

For more information, please visit Flea Extermination.

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