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GPS Vehicle Tracking Improves Fuel Efficiency and Reduces Costs

June 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 278

Because of the high cost of fuel, many companies with trucking fleets are worried by their vehicle's fuel consumption. They can turn to GPS vehicle tracking to identify inefficiencies which result in improved fuel efficiency and reduced costs.

The cost of fuel has significantly grown over the past several years, and its effect is particularly troubling for trucking companies and other organizations that operate vehicle fleets. To offset high fuel prices, many fleet companies are forced to pass on the costs to their customers. Unfortunately, consumers only have a limited price threshold. If the price is too expensive, they will search for an alternative. In order to stay competitive, companies are searching for ways to improve their vehicles' fuel consumption.

GPS tracking has proven to be a useful tool. By tracking their fleet, companies can prevent wasteful operations or inefficient driving behavior. Idle time and out-of-route miles are two of the leading causes of high fuel consumption. These refer to the practice of leaving an engine idle for long periods of time such as when taking a break, and how some drivers take unexpected detours from their designated route.

Tracking all this information used to be done manually. But unless the company has manpower to spare, it can't accurately track every vehicle in its fleet. Thankfully, it can install a GPS vehicle tracking device in each truck and monitor their operations remotely through a sophisticated backend solution.

Through the GPS or Global Positioning System, a company can pinpoint the location of their fleet anywhere in the world. GPS navigation systems use a system of artificial satellites to find the exact longitude and latitude of a receiver and superimpose it on a map.

With a fleet tracking solution in place, a company can precisely note any idle time and out-of-route miles perpetrated by their drivers and prepare a corresponding action. Additionally, it allows a single person to easily monitor all of the trucks without having to painstakingly check drivers' reports and their vehicles' fuel gauges and odometers. Unsafe driving behavior, such as a not wearing seatbelts, speeding, and swerving are also risks that can be minimized with the help of a fully integrated GPS and telematics system. In-vehicle systems can monitor driving patterns and the status of the vehicle, and alert drivers to modify their driving behavior.

Through an end-to-end GPS vehicle tracking solution, transport companies and other organizations that manage and maintain vehicles can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain a high standard of service.

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Geotab, Inc. is the leading provider of end-to-end telematics solutions chosen by many leading corporations worldwide. Its GPS vehicle tracking systems can help companies with a trucking fleet improve fuel efficiency, thereby reducing costs. The company offers a complete solution comprising both GPS fleet tracking hardware and software. For inquiries, contact a representative at 1-877-GEOTAB-1 or visit

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