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Benefits of Integrating EPoS On Multiple Branches

June 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 193

Having a business with multiple branches is a great sign of success, especially in the current economic climate. However unless run efficiently, it can become increasingly hard to try to run the business as a whole as there is so much to take into consideration.

Imagine trying to run a business where you are travelling to each individual store every week to monitor stock, as well as sales. A lot of time and consideration has to go into it, and if the branches are not close to each other even more time travelling to the branches will have to be spent. This approach is not a good use of any business owner's time. One solution is to employ a manager for each as they can report back to the managing director. However this can obviously be extremely costly and can take up a large amount of time in training.

There is a solution thanks to modern day technology, a head office module using communicated via the Internet. With an EPoS System connected to the internet, it is now possible for business owners to look at the business as a whole or individual branches to access all the information remotely from anywhere in the world. This is achieved by having a main database hosted on a protected server, in which all of the EPoS systems databases on each branch would collate into.

Stock can then be allocated into each store, giving the owner an overall look at stock supplies, detailing money put into the business. Although the overall stock of a business is important, the main benefit of having a head office module is to monitor where the money is coming from in the business.

Being able to assess how your business is doing financially from anywhere in the world is pivotal for a business owner. As the branch EPoS system link with the main database on the server, it will give the users of the head office module the ability to look at profits and sales, as well as many other reports. It is also possible to then look at individual branches to see which stores are doing the best and which stores need more support.

Although head office modules do incur monthly fees for hosting, the benefits well exceed this small cost. When you take into consideration the money and time it would take to go to each of the branches, or the cost to employ somebody else to do it for you, it is a minimal cost to which you are getting your business analytics handed to you on a screen courtesy of these inter connected epos systems in each branch.

Sam Jones writes on behalf of EPOS Guide, a blog dedicated to providing EPoS and retail technology news. For more information about EPoS systems head to the EPOS Guide website.

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