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Updates Have Been Made to the Canadian National Occupation Classification Used for Immigration

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 149

In Canada one of the choices people have when applying for citizenship is the Federal Skilled Workers application. This application is based, in part, on the list provided by the National Occupations Classification, (NOC). There are always some jobs that need to be filled; and if there is no-one currently living or working in the area that is capable of filling the positions these jobs are listed as desirable for the Federal Skilled Workers application.

Updates to the National Occupation Classification only happen once every five years. Generally this occurs just after the Canadian Census is done. This means that approximately every five years the jobs available on the Federal Skilled Workers applications may change. Some job types could be added; conversely, some that are listed now could be deleted. The changes to the NOC job lists went into effect on Jan 31, 2012.

If you applied under the Federal Skilled Workers program prior to that date, don't panic. Any applications received before Jan. 31, 2012 will be processed using the old job listing. This also holds true for other economic based application such as the Provincial Nominee programs and Temporary work permits. However, any applicants who are considering immigration to Canada under one of these programs should look closely at the job listings to see if their skills still match an available job.

All applications received after Jan. 31, 2012 will be based on the new NOC job listing. If you hired an immigration lawyer to help you complete your application, you may want to check with them to make sure that these changes will not affect your application. This would probably only apply if your application was filed close to the date the change was made.

The good news for people who are interested in immigrating to Canada or applying for a Temporary work permit in Canada is that there may now be job opening available that were not in the past. However, these changes could adversely affect some people who have sought training in areas that may no longer be included on the list. At one point Canada used to update these list on a yearly basis, but now they only do take a census reading every five years so the lists are unchanged for a longer period of time.

In general, most highly skilled job positions stay on the list; especially in the medical field. If you are considering post-secondary study in an advanced field you may want to look into attending one of Canada's colleges or universities. Foreign students who have completed a degree at one of Canada's higher learning institutions often have an easier time applying for citizenship in Canada.

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