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It Pays to Know: US Tourist Visa Know-How

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Most people are afraid to ask for information and opted to just join the guessing game and finding themselves in bewilderment in the end. Filipinos, especially, are very shy and timid keeping things to themselves and hoping that everything will just turn out right. This is true for most travelers, not only for local destinations but also for internationally bound. For someone US-bound, here are the things to keep in mind prior and during your travel to the land of Uncle Sam.

Who can come with me? There is no restriction as to who can apply for a US B2 visa which means even your "Yaya"(Nanny) or "Driver" (Chauffer) provided they meet the requirements set forth by the US Immigration Office. In essence, you can bring your whole household with you as long as they have been granted a visa.

What are the things allowed for me to do? Travelling, site seeing, and doing leisure activities while in the US are some of the common things one can do by possessing a B2 visa. However, you will not be permitted to take courses of study or even a part time job. This would be violating immigration laws, it's but logical, B2 visa is for tourism purposes only, so obviously you are not to take or engage in activities that would go beyond tourism.

How long can I stay? Your stay is determined by the immigration officer who will interview you upon your arrival in the United States. The validity of your visa is not equivalent to the amount of time you can stay in the US upon your entry. So keep in mind that you will be allowed to stay depending on the approval of the immigration officer whom you will speak with at the port of entry.

Can I exit and then come back later? Not all visa applicants would be given multiple entry visas. Most of the time single entry visa is given, allowing you to enter and exit the US in just one occasion. Nonetheless, for those who will be granted visa lasting for years of duration they would be given multiple entry visa, wherein they can go back and forth from their home country to the United States.

Keeping these reminders in mind, surely your vacation would be an unforgettable one. Free yourself from the hassles, know your rights and rules to follow, avoid hold-ups and troubles. Consulting experts is the best thing to consider especially if it's your first time to tour. This way, if not all, at least half the burden will be shouldered by the experts.

Atty. Joyce Felisa Domingo, hardened by her experience in different fields of law, is your valuable partner and committed adviser for various visa, immigration, business and legal concerns. Visit for your concerns.

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