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Picking the Right Gun

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 213

People of Illinois often wonder what the best gun to use for deer hunting is, and although there many guns to choose from between rifles and shotguns this article is going to be based on shotguns only. The four main types of shotguns are single shot, bolt action, pump action, and semi-automatic. There is not a correct answer which gun is the best and which is the worst it all really depends on the type of person is shooting the gun and what they prefer.

Now with that being said, every person has a specific niche when it comes to guns, the single shot shotguns have advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are that they are incredibly accurate and powerful. The H&R Ultra Slug Hunter is a great example of the incredible accuracy of a single shot shotgun. The twenty gauge single shot shotgun is an accurate out to two hundred yards with knock down power as well at that range as well. A disadvantage of these guns though is that they only have one shot, if the shot is missed then the chance for a follow up shot is a lost cause. Not many deer sit around for a second shot from a single shot shotgun. Another great single shot shotgun is the Thompson Center Encore which actually has three or four interchangeable barrels (shotgun, rifle, muzzleloader, and pistol). These guns are made for the most confident hunter who knows their weapon and is comfortable with taking only one shot.

The next set of shotguns would be bolt action shotguns which have the same mechanics as every other shotgun but has a different style of loading. Like the single shot shotguns, the bolt actions are incredibly accurate for the reason that all of the gas that comes from the shot does not force the bolt back like it would in an automatic gun. A few typical bolt action shotguns are: TarHunt RSG, Savage 212 and 220, Browning A-Bolt Shotgun Hunter, Marlin 512 Slugmaster, and the Mossberg 695. These guns come in a variety of gauges like.410, twenty, and twelve and all are very accurate. A major disadvantage of these shotguns though is that like the single shot shotguns be ready to hit the target on the first shot because follow up shots are very difficult to make. When taking a follow up shot the face of the shooter has to leave the sight picture in order to reload the weapon, this makes taking a second shot at a now running animal very difficult.

The ever reliable pump action shotgun is a favorite among a lot of the hunters from where I hunt. These guns are very durable and can take a lot of abuse out in the field and home. Most guns need to have the action cleaned regularly to make sure the gun continues to work properly, but pump action shotguns do not necessarily need to be cleaned near as often as others. This is because unlike the action of a semi-automatic that uses the gasses of the shot to force the action to cycle through the pump action uses the backward force of the shooter to cycle the action. These guns are accurate, maybe not as much as single shots and bolt actions but are still very reliable guns. A few pump action shotguns that are part of the top fifteen best deer hunting guns are: Remington 870 Express, Ithaca Deer Slayer, Mossberg 500 Slugster, Winchester 1300 Speed Pump, and the Browning BPS Rifled Deer Hunter. These guns have some great advantages, but a big disadvantage of this gun is that, although it can take a great deal of abuse, the reload usually takes you off the sight picture. It is a big disadvantage to be thrown off the sight picture, but after the reload, it is not very hard to regain the sight picture after the reload.

The last type of shotgun that is usually used to hunt big game is the semi-automatic shotgun. These guns are all about speed and accuracy, when the right shooting rhythm is involved. Most hunters aim to take down an animal in one shot but sometimes that does not always happen and this is where the semi-automatics shine. They are quick to bring on a follow up shot because the shooter does not have to do anything to reload the weapon since the gun does it based on the gas system in the gun. A few semi-automatics that made the list of best guns to deer hunt with are: Browning Gold Deer Hunter, Remington 11-87, and the Benelli Super Black Eagle II Rifled Slug. A major disadvantage of the semi-automatic shotgun is the amount of cleaning that is involved with these guns. It is not uncommon for these guns to get gummed up after years of shooting and improper cleaning of the shooting mechanism. Improper cleaning of a semi-automatic can lead to drastic problems such as shells not ejecting or the gun not firing at all. All in all these guns are the best of the best when it comes to follow up shots, a hunter can make a quick three shots (in Illinois) back to back all while maintaining a proper sight picture. If the gun is well kept and cleaned regularly there is no limit to what the semi-automatic gun will do.

Shotguns have a wide variety of uses in this world, but one of their best uses is for hunting and there are so many to choose from. A hunter has many choices to choose from for deer hunting and it all depends on what the hunter prefers. The four main types of guns are single shot, bolt action, pump action, and semi-automatics and all have their strengths and weaknesses. The gun has to fit the shooter so it all depends on what the shooter prefers when it comes to picking the right gun for the shooter. Accurate shooters tend to prefer single shot or bolt action shotguns, and people who prefer a quick second shot would usually pick pump or semi-automatic but every shooter is different.

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