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Over Population

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 171

I run into people every day that shun me for being a hunter, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this happen to them on a pretty regular basis. It is so annoying hearing people constantly tell me that what I do to the animals is wrong and in humane. Last time I checked I am trying to keep the animal population in check and off the hood of your car or out of your back yard where they destroy decorative plants. As far as the inhumane killing of the animals, it is not like I go out and shoot them to wound them and let them lay. I shoot with a purpose.

For all the people who say what I do is wrong, would you rather have me out there using my time and money to keep you from spending hundreds to thousands of dollars to fix your car that you just wrecked? People have to realize that the deer were here long before and we invaded their territory, this is why we have so many car accidents involving deer in Illinois. We have pushed deer out into the corn fields and small amounts of timber left; do you really think they are just going to stay there? The answer is no, I mean think about it what would you do if you had your home and everything taken away from you and pushed into smaller areas. You would want to move around too, but the problem is that when they move they are not the smartest of creatures and tend to freeze when they see a set of lights barreling down towards them. But the fault lies with you the driver, stop playing with the radio or your phone and pay attention to your surroundings. Although I am guilty of hitting a deer with my car I will also say that sometimes it is unavoidable, like if the corn is up and they come running out of the field and right into your car it is not like you can really avoid that. After talking to some insurance sales men it is estimated that the average claim on a deer accident is between 1000 and 2000 dollars. Would you like to pay that for hitting a deer or have me pay like thirty dollars to get a deer tags and shoot them to keep more of them away from your car?

Now for all the people who complain about people hunting but then complain about the deer eating all of your flowers that you have potted in your yard and you live in the country, stop complaining. You are basically giving them candy, since decorative flowers are like a delicacy to them they will eat them any chance that is given to them. If you want your plants to stay safe from the deer limit the amount of potted plants you have and put them in your house were they can get sunlight and stay away from the wildlife. Now if you have fruit trees in your yard in the country you are just fighting a losing battle so just give up there. I mean you can fence in your fruit trees from the deer but just remember that the deer can jump 8ft off the ground so the fence has to be taller than that. Do you really want to spend the time and money to fence in your trees though? It is going to be a costly investment for just a little more fruit, pick your battles.

Now for all the city people who go "awww look at the deer, they are so cute!", you have obviously not seen them when they are scared in your back yard or worse venture into the towns and get scared and break things. There have been times when deer have ventured into towns and happened to get into grocery stores. If a wild animal like that gets into a store and cannot find its way out it is going to get very scared and start trying to find any possible way out. This can mean that it will barrel through shelves, run into walls, break items, and even break windows or doors out just to get out of the store costing the company a lot of money!

So the way I look at things here are I am doing everyone a favor here and taking more deer out and trying to balance the population better than what it is. I try to keep the deer from becoming a temporary hood ornament and costing the driver hundreds to thousands of dollars. I also attempt to keep the deer from eating the decorative plants on your porch and that will save you money from keeping you from having to buy more and more plants since you do not learn your lesson from first couple of times that the animals have eaten your plants. I am also trying to keep the animals out of the towns and cities to keep them from destroying anything. I am also helping the people who are without food because once I have enough meat to fill my freezer I keep going out to help the needy and give them food as well. I give back to the less fortunate since they deserve to have some meat to eat as well no one should ever go hungry. So not before anyone ever tries to criticize me think about what exactly I am doing to help the community. I help feed people; I protect their property, and save them money. What about you do you help your community like I do? You probably do not, so do not criticize the hunters in the community.

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