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How to Sight in a Weapon

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 186

Many people have wondered how it is that people sight in their bows and or firearms. This process is not incredibly hard but if the concept is not picked up, the sights will be so far off that it will take a great deal of time to fix the damage that was caused. The sights on a bow and gun are not vastly different but the sights on a bow give you a wider range of distances to shoot at.

To sight in a bow, it all starts off by putting the sight on the bow its self out of the package. After securing the sight to the bow there will be a range of pins to start sighting in. Now depending on what you want the first pin to be for your base distance will depend on where you stand to sight it in. Personally I have mine at twenty yards, because you can easily make adjustments with the twenty yard pin to cover the range of zero to twenty yards. Now whatever distance is chosen, take the first shot to determine where exactly the pin needs to be moved too. If the first pin is off then the sight cluster is off, so it is very important to make sure that the first pin is properly sighted in. The most important thing to remember is to always follow the arrow when sighting in anything. Now if the arrow is to the right then follow the arrow to the right, if it is left then follow it left. Once you have the sights centered, the only thing left to do is sight in the elevation. Since all sights are different the next step could vary depending on what kind of sight is on the bow. Sights were all the pins are able to be moved you can adjust just the top pin following the arrow, now sights were the top pin is stationary you have to move the sight house all together but is the same process as moving the single pin. All the other pins have the same process as sighting in the top pin but adjusting for the left and right should no longer be needed since the sight housing is already centered. Now depending on how many pins the sight housing holds will be how many more times this process is repeated until all of the sight pins have a designated distance to them.

Sighting in a gun is not that different than sighting in a bow; again you follow where the bullet goes so it is rather simple. It all starts off with what exactly on the firearm you are sighting in, whether it is the iron sights or a scope. Sighting in iron sights is much easier than sighting in a scope; the main reason being is there are only two screws that you will ever have to touch. If the first shot with just iron sights yields that the sights are skewed to the left or right then loosen the screw on top of the sights and move the sights slightly to the left or right to center the sights then tighten the screw. Now if the sights are either low or high adjust the elevation by loosening the screw on the side of the rear sight and move the sight either forward or backwards until the shot lands where you are aiming. Now when it comes to scopes on firearms it really depends on what kind of firearm the scope is on. If it is a shotgun with a fully rifled barrel the accurate range is two hundred yards, but if it is a rifle be ready to sight in the weapon up to four hundred yards or more. After the scope has been mounted on the firearm it will need to be bore sighted, this is done by most gun smithing places by placing a special tool that fits into the end of the barrel with a screen on it then adjusting the centering and elevations knobs until you get the cross hairs to form a perfect "t" in the center of the paper. After bore sighting has been done take the gun out to the range and start at the fifty yard mark to get a starting point for the scope. This is necessary because from the fifty yard mark you can continue walking the range out and making adjustments to the elevation knob until you reach the desired maximum range that you are willing to shoot. This is the kind of sighting that I do with my shotgun and have found that it is the most accurate way to do so. Now, for a rifle, there are certain scopes that allow specific range adjustments next to the eye piece. Again, after bore sighting the firearm take aim at a target fifty yards down range, and if there is mark on the scope for a fifty yard shot sight it in for this range. Then after sighted in for that range continue turning the range knob and take shots at each of the marked ranges and see if the scope stays sighted in. If the scope does not stay accurate out to the ranges marked on the scope then sight it in for the longest range that feels comfortable and make adjustments in the field where needed by using the Kentucky Windage technique.

This article was written to help all those who do not understand what is done in the process of sighting in a firearm and or bow. It was also written to help those who were having problems sighting in their weapons. Hopefully, this has helped everyone understand how to do what is needed to sight in their weapon and that although the process is fairly simple, doing it wrong could seriously throw off the sights and would have to start over from scratch and that is a very painstaking process.

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